00.0 – Character Generation Session

00.0 – Character Generation Session

Party Formation Prerequisites:

All party members will have a reason to leave the Frontier.  It can be for a dark reason, an adventurous reason or anything in between.  They just need to want to leave the region and go elsewhere from an extended period of time.

Party Results

Khlith Taywon, Candrosian Explorer – A “bolter” race coming in from beyond the Rim, the Candrosians have only been moderately encountered by most in the Frontier.  The Candrosians have made contact with the Council of Worlds but a deep space diplomatic mission but trade has yet to start due to distance.  Candroisians are free to visit worlds as long as they register witht he UPF.  Khlith is an explorer and is exploring regions of the Frontier for his people and his faction within.

Telkis Naslux, Tor’Drani Female Ranger – Another “bolter” race coming from beyond the Rim, the Tor’Drani are merchants always looking for markets.  Telkis is a trained warrior and scout helping explore various regions of the Frontier, running from a past she does not talk about a lot.  It involves a radical cult and revenge for the death of a loved one, but that’s all anyone really knows.


Tselex Nocx, Dralasite Tech (Mad Scientist)


Vydiryss, S’saran Warrior, Templar of the Church

William Andrew Robert Campbell IV, Vicount Argyll (Human Noble, Diplomat, Psionic)