04 – Truane’s Star System

04 – Truane’s Star System

Planetary Entities

New Pale

Light Human Population.  Agricultural. Grav 1.4.  Day Length: 20 hours


Population Moderate Mixed Races.  Industrial/Mining.  Grav .9. Moons 3 Day Length 55 hours.

Key Events in the Frontier (Expanse)

(pf = pre-Frontier; FY = Frontier Year)

  • 3pf Year – The Sathar War (68 years ago). No Sathar has been seen since. Truane’s Star was one of the first to fall.
  • 58FY to 63FY – War of the Pales. Pale and New Pale enter a war between the HUSP (Human Supremacists of New Pale& mutli-racial citizens of Pale). Ends in the creation of Unified Truane’s Star Authority ruling the system (The Authority).
  • 64FY –  Operation Shadow Sails Xagyg Dust Nebula Expedition X102 lost.
  • 65FY – Current Year

Key Entities in the Mission

  • Truane’s Star Expeditionary Service (extension of the Truane Defense Force)
  • Streel Corporation

The Authority government is under substantial pressure from the UPF.  They prefer to mass their forces at systems at the edge of the Frontier.  Truane’s Star system is at the edge of the Frontier, and UPF protocol calls for the Truane’s Star to stop xploration until the UPF can build a base.

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