04b – The Malevolent Star

04b – The Malevolent Star

Ghosts of the Pales

After the War of the Pales, the Truane’s Star Authority rounded up people they deemed as threats – HUSPS terrorists, criminals, malcontents, and politics enemies as well as known humans with psionics – and forced them on board a massive freighter known as the Malevolent Star.

This move was condemned by many other worlds but the Authority was staunch about stamping out any further resistance to their take over of New Pale. They saw all these are threats to “peace and diversity” of the Truane Star System.

The ship was captained by New Palian Naval captain (and known HUSP) named Ashia Philkol, a human female who was loyal to New Pale and it’s traditions. She was also a strict fourth generation military-minded person. She felt betrayed by her government and leaders when they surrendered and was more than willing to leave her home world behind.

A human crew loyal to her also joined here including her XO Ryman Chisman. Ryman lost his whole family in the war in a bombing raid made by the Truane Authority navy and is a very angry person. He and Philkol have been known to fight rather stronly over issues. Both however believe in the strict military discipline and anyone that serves under them must abide by their standards.

The Malevolent Star was an old decommissioned troop transports about to carry and supply several thousand troops. However, they had more than the ship could handle and knew the Authority expected them all to die in space. Both Philkol and Chisman were bound and determine not to let that happen.

Aboard the ship was a well-known HUSP leader named Gonzalos “Khan Hin” Hiningson. He was sentenced to death by a criminal court of his own people for War crimes before the surrender but his sentence was commuted by the Truane Authority, who put him together with the rest of the criminals. Under an alias, he hid in the shadows of the tightly packed ship, keeping away from anyone that might recognize him and “taking care of” those that did.

Malevolent Star would have been destroyed if it weren’t for the brave and efficient crew. Due to their skill (and perhaps a little luck), they were able to navigate the Xagyg Dust Nebula and find their way to the Zebulon system. Unfortunately, the pirates also found them.

Seeing it as an opportunity, the pirates attempted to seize the ship. However, run-of-the-mill pirates were no match for skilled space navy veterans. The Philkol and her crew were able to crashland near what they thought was a city – Pilgrims End.

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