05.3 Damage & Wounds

05.3 Damage & Wounds

Version 3.0

Damage in Ron D6 is handled slightly different to simplify things. Instead of seemingly arbitrary scales of wounds, one must just keep track of a number of wounds. Every six points of Damage of the Resistance total is a Wound and each Wound is cumulative. While this does simplify things, it also give the player more chances of survivability.

Damage Resistance Total

The Damage Resistance total equals a roll of the target character’s Toughness + Dice from Armor or Special Abilities (such as Attack Resistance) minus any modifiers from disease, ingested poisons, or other debilitating circumstances (such as an appropriate Hindrance). A player may improve his character’s resistance total by spending Character Points or a Fate Point on this roll.

If the character has no armor or Special Abilities, then the character has a Damage Resistance to, and the player makes no roll.

However, they can still spend Character Points, using them as a base damage resistance total. Spending a Fate Point allows the player to roll his character’s Strength. Totals determined from spending points are adjusted as normal, including negative and positive damage resistance.

EffectDamage Total ≥ Resistance Total
Stunnedless than 6
WoundEvery 6 points of damage
Incapacitated3 Wounds
Mortally Wounded4 wounds
Dead> 4 wounds

* Note: Any additional damage less than the character’s current level moves the character up by one level.

Stunned: -1D for all physical actions until the character rolls one success with Stamina or spends one round of now actions to become Un-stunned.

Wound: -1D per wound to all actions until healed.

Incapacitated: The character is severely injured. As a free action before losing consciousness, he may try to stay up with a Moderate Stamina or willpower roll. If the character succeeds, he may continue to act, but all actions have a -3D penalty. If he fails, he is knocked out for 10D minutes.

Mortally Wounded: The character is near death and knocked unconscious with no chance to keep up. Roll the character’s Strength each round, the character finally dies if the roll is less than the number of minutes he’s been at this level.

Dead: The character is terminated. He won’t be back.

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