01.01 Result Point Feats

01.01 Result Point Feats

Version 1.0

Attack Result Points

In combat, Result Points from an Attack Skill Test can be used in a number of ways to enhance damage. The default way is to add additional (non-Wild) dice to damage. However, as an option, a play can buy into one or more of the following Feats.

Result Points Cost EffectDescription
1+Party Pool Add one Character Point to the Party Pool
1Add DieAdd one non-Wild Die to the Damage
1Wild Die FlipTurn one existing non-Wild Damage Die into a Wild Die. A player can spend on Result Point to convert any single non-Wild Die of Damage into a Wild die.
1+Party PoolAdd one Character Point to the Party Pool
1+KnockbackYou can move yourself or the target of your attack 1 Space in any direction for each
1Rapid ReloadYou can immediately reload a Range weapon that requires reload time.
2Add Wild DieAdd one Wild Die to Damage (like a Character Point)
2Battlefield AwarenessThe GM can give you as a Free action to make a Moderate (2) Perception test. With a success, gain a +2 bonus to your next attack.
2Knock DownYou knock your enemy prone. Any character making a melee attack against a prone foe gains +3 bonus on the attack roll.
2Defensive StanceYour attack sets you up for defense. You gain a +1 bonus to Defense until the beginning of your next turn.
2DisarmYour attack may disarms the target with your melee attack. The Target must, as an action, make a Strength: Athletics vs Moderate (2) + any extra Result points you wish to invest. If he fails, you knock your enemy’s weapon Spaces equal to the Result Points invested away in a direction you choose. If the target has already acted, the Target is automatically disarmed.
2TauntYou insult or distract one opponent of your choice within 5 Spaces of you. As a Free Action, you must make a Trick Interaction Attack. See Interaction for results.
2Intimidate You strike a threatening pose, challenging an opponent of your choice within 5 Spaces of you. As a Free Action, you can make a Intimidation Interaction Attack. See Interaction for results
2Maneuver Your attack sets you up with a good maneuver. As a Free Action, you can make a Maneuver Interaction Attack. See Interaction for results
3Pierce ArmorYou find a chink in your enemy’s armor. The target’s armor rating is halved (rounded down) vs. this attack.
3Lightning AttackYou can make a second attack against the same enemy or a different one within range and sight. You must have a loaded Ranged weapon to make a Ranged Attack. You can not spend Result Points on Feats on the second attack. It can only count as extra damage.
3Set UpYou create an opening an ally can exploit. Pick an ally. On their next turn, the ally receives a +1D bonus on the ability test of their choice. This decision must be made before the dice are rolled.
4Dual StrikeYour attack is so strong it affects two targets. Pick a secondary target. This target must be adjacent to you if you are using a melee weapon or within 3 Spaces of your primary target if you are using a missile weapon. Apply the test result of your original attack roll to the secondary target (in other words, you only make one attack roll and apply it to both opponents). If you hit the secondary target, roll your normal damage for them, also.
4Seize the InitiativeYour attack changes the tempo of the battle. You move to the top of the initiative order next round. You do not have to roll initiative, your initiative is automatically 1 point higher than the highest roll next turn.
Result Point Feats

Skill Feats

Many Skills have individual uses for Result Points. See Skill descriptions for those. Additionally, the GM is free to create his own uses for Result Points in skills if the situation warrants it. Investigation and gathering information is one of the more common uses of skills. These include Persuasion, Investigation, Scholar, Device : Computers, etc.

Information Gathering Feats

Result Points Cost EffectDescriptions
1+ Party Pool Add one Character Point to the Party Pool
1AdvantageYou make your discovery that gains you an advantage in some fashion or another. GM must give you additional information about the situation that gives you an Advantage.
2Efficient SearchIf resources of any kind are typically consumed in the course of your test, you use only half
as much as would be normal. This include time.
3Further DiscoveriesYou may immediately make another Skill test, at no additional cost in time or resources, to discover more information about your surroundings, or the object of your test. This bonus test must use a different focus from the first test, however, and doubles on this bonus test do not give rise to Result Points. The two tests are assumed to transpire simultaneously, not one after the other. If there is nothing additional to discover the Feat is wasted, but the GM will not prevent you from choosing this Feat even when there is nothing additional to learn.
3Focused Research You receive a +1D bonus to further tests to examine or perceive additional aspects of the object or subject of your test for the rest of the Session.
4Ready for BattleIf your investigations eventually lead to combat within a short amount of time, you receive a +1D bonus on your initiative roll.
4Learned SomethingChoose a related Skill to the subject or object of the investigation that you do not have. For the rest of the session, gain a Rank 1 in that skill for the rest of the Session.
Information Gathering Feats

Roleplay Interaction Feats

Result Points CostEffectDescription
1+Party Pool Add one Character Point to the Party Pool
1Clever QuipYou tag the perfect witty remark onto the end of your interaction. This Taunt causes the character it was directed to to to make a Moderate (2) Willpower Test or suffer a -1D to his next interaction Test.
1Last WordYou manage to weave a second string point into your last statement in an interaction. This Trick causes the character it was directed to to to make a Moderate (2) Willpower Test or suffer a -1D to his next interaction Test.
2Sway the CrowdYour interaction efforts are so effective that they spill over onto others in the area, and you affect one additional person of your choice past the original target. You may use this Feat multiple times on the same roll.
3Leave them SpeechlessYou are so impressive that you leave all those who witness your display completely dumbfounded and unable to speak for at least a full round. Outside combat this lasts, at the very least, long enough for your character to begin to do something else.
3JestYou turn a phrase, twist your expression, or some other comical motion leads those nearby to laugh, or at least stifle their snorts. Anyone nearby who wishes to avoid laughing must make a Moderate (2) Willpower (Resolve) test or be distracted for a period of time..
4SeduceChoose one character who is present and immediately make an opposed Presence: Persuasion (Seduction) vs. Willpower: Resolve Test. If you win, that character becomes enamored with yours. What exactly this means in the moment and how it might play out are up to you and the GM, but if you’re successful, you’ve created an opening for romantic opportunities.
4Force of WillYour success gives you a sense of your own brilliance and strength of character. For the rest of the current roleplaying exchange you gain a +1D bonus to any opposed tests where an opponent tries to put you at an emotional disadvantage, such as by intimidating you, impressing you, bargaining with you, and so on.
5EnrageYou twist the knife, delivering a provocation or insult in such a way that a single target you designate must choose between either attacking you or storming away from the scene. If they choose to attack the assault need not be deadly, although that option is open to the enraged character. A slap or the throwing of the gauntlet may stand in as an attack just as well.
Roleplay Interaction Feats

Party Pool

This is an option that is available to all Players that gained Result Points that they can not use right away. If the GM allows, the character can allocate their Result Points as Character Points to the Party Pool. This Party Pool is a collective Character Point Pool available to all players to use during play – 1 point can be used as a Character Point at any time. Once the session is over, this pool is evenly divided up by the characters as Character Points on the character sheet.

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