05.06 Rd6 Special Attacks: Ranged

05.06 Rd6 Special Attacks: Ranged

OptionSkill ModifierDamage ModifierAction
Burst fire as single0-2DBasic
Full auto+1D+2DFull
Single fire as multi+3+1D*Basic/Full
Heads Down**Full
Special Attacks: Ranged

*Modifiers are per additional rounds of ammunition, up to maximum that the weapon holds.

Burst Fire as Single

A character may perform this attack only with a weapon that defaults to burst fire (BF), but wishes switch to single fire. The firer fires only one shot instead of a burst; it is primarily used to conserve ammunition.

Full Auto

This attack is only possible with weapons that can fire at fully automatic (FA) settings. Since the character is taking quite a bit of time to hold down the trigger, the extra to hit and damage bonuses are somewhat compensated for by the fast that it is a Full Action and the character can not do anything else (like Actively Defend).

Semi-Auto at Single Target

The character fire a Semi-Auto weapon several times in a round at the same target. Characters may use this option only when a weapon is Semi- Auto. It increases the character’s chance to hit a target, as well as the damage. It does not count as a multi-action as long as the shot is taken at the same target. One target, one die roll, one damage total. This counts as a Basic if it is less then half the ammo in the clip, Full Action if the player wants to empty a full clip.

Sweep (Ranged)

The character wants to spray an area with ammo. Only characters with weapons that go full auto, burst, or semi-auto as multi can perform this maneuver. The gun uses the amount of ammunition needed by whichever setting is used. They gain a positive modifier to hit (because of the sheer volume of shots), but this non-targeted attack results in a lower damage total.

Heads Down

A character can use an automatic or semi-auto to spray an are of enemies to simple keep their heads down. The attacker has no intention of hitting a target, just intimidate them to keep their heads down. The attack roll acts as a Intimidation Interaction attack and each target within the area of effect must make a successful Willpower Test opposed by the Attack or stay down (lose their turn) as well as suffer the effect of the Intimidation.

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