06 – Savage SF Equipment: Misc. Equipment

06 – Savage SF Equipment: Misc. Equipment


  • Electromagnetic Goggles are used to spot the tell-tale pale blue or purple sheen surrounding all force screens and fields, whether caused by a device or a Psionic power.
  • Infrared Goggles allow a character allow a character to see heat images in total darkness. They can be used to spot characters that are hidden in light foliage or darkness, or that are using a holo-screen or similar device.
  • Magnifying Goggles magnify visual images the same way binoculars do. They triple the distance at which a character can identify a man-sized object. They do not work like telescopic sights, and a character wearing magnigoggles can not aim a weapon.
  • Solar Goggles have a thin layer of polarized material between the glass that instantly darkens when brilliant light appears. Though the reaction is too slow to prevent the wearer from suffering the effects of a flash grenade, solar optics do help a character looking into floodlights and powerlights. This type of optics is used extensively by starship personnel.
  • Starlight Goggles allow night scenes to be viewed as clearly as if it were daytime. This is because starlight optics greatly amplify ambient light to almost
    daytime intensities. Therefore the character suffers no penalties for darkness. The only time starlight optics do not work is when the sky is heavily overcast and no artificial light is present.
  • Ultraviolet Goggles are useful in detecting anything printed or written in UV ink, paint, or dye (commonly used by Star Law to mark valuable objects), a LSS in use, or any object that emits UV waves.


TechEx Kit

The Techex toolkit contains all of the tools needed to make field repairs on vehicles and other equipment. Because plasteel is used to make so many items that formerly were made of steel or iron, the kit weighs only 20 kg and can be carried in a backpack. A techkit contains items like Adjustable Socket wrench/Open end wrench, Insulated wire, Uninsulated wire, Prybar, Jack, lon Bonding Tape, Plastibond, assorted nuts, bolts, clamps, screws and nails, Electrosnips, Magnegrips, Spray lubricant,  Spray waterproofing.

Robcom kit 

The robcomkit is another highly specialized assortment of tools. It weighs only 15 kg and, like the techkit, is designed to be carried in a backpack.  A robcomkit contains its like Electrodriver, ion bonding tape, insulated wire, spray lubricant, electrosnips, spray waterproofing, Lasoldering iron, Magnetic by-pass clip, Breadboard circuits, Demagnetizer, Miniature flashlight, Calipers, Sonic Scalpel , Assorted components, Holo-Oscilloscope.

Medic kits

Medkit. A medkit has specialized equipment the medic needs to perform his or her job. It weighs 10 kg and can be carried as a backpack. The medkit contains Local Anesthetic,  Plastiflesh,  Omnimycin,  Acid neutralizer,  Antiseptic, Microforceps, Medscanner Spray hypo (syringe used to give shots without a needle), Biocort ( stimulates very fast healing), Telol (truth serum), Stimdose (revives unconscious individuals),  Staydose (sustains a dying character for 20 hours), Sonic/Laser scalpel, Electrosurgeon (a small machine that keeps wounds open and controls bleeding during surgery), Autosurgeon (a special device that allows a medic to operate on himself), Antibody plus (increases the body’s ability to recover from diseases), and Antitox (neutralizes poisons).

Other Medical Equipment

Medical Tabs

These aspirin-sized tablets come in differnt varieties and are used by explorers to temporarily combat unusual maladies. Examples include the following:

  • Aller-Tab: One tab blocks the effects of moste allergies to alien flora or fauna for twelve full hours.
  • Dehy-Tab: Onetab prevents the Human, Ifshnit, Humma, or Yazirian body’s dehydration from heat for twenty-four hours.
  • Elasti-Tab: One tab prevents the Dralasite body from losing its elasticity or the Vrusk’s chitinous body from locking up in freezing weather.
  • Fungi-Tab: One tab prevents most alien fungi from growing on or in the user’s body for eight hours.


An injection of neutrad is necessary with the Medical Treatment: Radiation skill to stop radiation poisoning. Radiation poisoning is most commonly cuased by nuclear battery or plant leakage or by a character being exposed to ancient nuclear weapons or their residue in nuked areas.


An injection of sporekill is necessary with the Medical Treatment: Infestation skill to stop spore or parasite infestation. Spore infestation is most often caused by alien plantlife seeking to spread its spores to a fertile growth medium… like lungs.


An envirokit contains only three items, but they are very sophisticated pieces of equipment. The entire kit weighs 5 kg, and can be fastened to a belt or placed in a backpack. The envirokit contains Bioscanner (This device consists of a network of straps and electrodes connected to a readout gauge. When attached to a plant or animal, living or dead, it can determine what type organism is being examined and whether it is edible or poisonous), Vaporscanner (a small device that contains sensitive gas analyzers. It will report on a digital screen what gaseous
elements are present, their quantities and whether breathing them is dangerous), Geoscanner (breaks down up to a fist-sized sample of rock or soil and analyze it. It will report what minerals the sample contains and whether there are likely to be valuable ore, gas or oil deposits nearby.)

Miscellaneous Equipment

Allweather Blanket

This 3m x 3m blanket has a layer of soft pseudowool on one side, and a layer of smooth waterproof plastic on the other. The blanket will keep a character warm in temperatures down to 0° (freezing temperature). The blanket can be used to carry water.

Anti-Shock Implant

This is a small device that can be implanted in the back of a character’s neck, making the character immune to stun attacks. A-S implants must be installed at a hospital.

Body-gene Box

A body-gene box is part statis field, part freeze field. It is a 20-cm cube made of federanium. A small piece of a character’s epidermal covering is placed inside it. As long as the box remains closed, the sample remains fresh. The body-gene box is kept in a bank vault that is now standard at all major hospitals. Once a character is declared dead, his genetic sample can be removed from the box and a clone can be created of the character. As might be expected there are numerous hitches involved with this item and the entire procedure.

  • Cost: Besides the high cost of the body-gene box (see the Equipment Tables) there is also the cost of having the sample prepared and taken ($500 Cr), the cost of storage ($1,000 per year), and the cost of having the clone made ($7500). Once a clone is grown the sample is destroyed. Another sample cannot be taken for at least three months.
  • Legalities: Society has a great fear of clones running wild. No character with a felony criminal record can have a sample taken, maintain a sample in a b-g box, or have a clone grown.

Proof of a character’s death must be positively established before a clonecan be grown. This either requires witnesses, a medical certificate of death, or the identifiable remains of the character.

If it is discovered that a clone exists while the original still lives, a general order to shoot on sight is immediately given. Unfortunately this usually results in both the clone and the original being destroyed. A character can only be brought back through cloning if he has died an unusually early accidental death. Most of the Frontier believes that if allowed a free hand, the clone merchants would overpopulate the systems in a matter of decades. Therefore, by law, no one may be
cloned who has died of old age or a natural death. Interpretation of this are left to the referee’s discretion. (Of course, there are always rumors of the “filthy rich” who can buy their own clone banks and almost become immortal, but that is for NPC consideration only).

  • Dangers: If a close discovers that his original is still alive, he becomes obsessed with a desire to kill the original character and never stops trying until one or the other is dead. The next step, usually, is that the cloned character then becomes suicidal after realizing that he has killed himself.
  • Campaign Considerations: When a character has a sample taken, the referee must record all of the character’s abilities, skills, and so forth. This record is then the basis for the clone, if and when it is grown. Any new abilities or skills developed after the sample is taken are not recorded, unless the character has another sample taken later (whereupon the original sample is destroyed).

A player can never control two versions of the same character at the same time. If, for some reason, a clone is grrown while a character still lives, the referee will control the clone.

Body-Jump Box

A body-jump box is a device used to try to resurrect a dead character. It comes in many forms, from huge chambers in city hospitals to the small portable units that are carried into the field. When it is wired to various nerve points of the victim’s body and head and then activated, if forces beta particles through the body.

If the character using the device (who must have the Medical Devices skill) makes his skill check, the body comes back to life. If the skill check is missed, the body is completely destroyed by the beta particles. This operation can only be attempted on a character who has been dead no more than 10 hours.


Chronocom is short for chronograph/ communicator. A chronocom is a combination wristwatch, calculator and communicator. It has a range of 5 kilometers.


A compass is used to find direction. A compass can be deceived so it points away from magnetic north by the presence of nearby magnetic rocks, electrical generators or other powerful magnets or large metal deposits.

Crete Sprayer

The crete spayer is a 1-meter-long tank tapering to a hose on the bottom that leads to a spayer gun. The user, with the tank carried or strapped on his back, can spray a sheet of crete from his device over whatever he wishes. Crete is a superfast drying (two turns) form of concrete that is incredibly strong even in a thin layer. In this fashion an explorer can weave a canopy of vines or make a lean-to from skins, spray it, and have a shelter that resists most environmental conditions. Crete is thermally insulated and is comfortable to far below zero degrees and above one hundred degrees Celsius. One canister has enough crete to cover a 300-square-meter area. Create is considered hardcover. The range of the crete spray from the nozzle is only 60 centimeters, so it cannot be used effectively as a weapon.

Emergency Beeper / Receiver.

This pen-sized transmitter sends out a high frequency, broad-band beep once it is activated. It operates from a sealed power source and cannot be turned off once activated. Its power life is two days. Most communications equipment can pick up the beep if they are within one km and special emergency beeper trackers can pick it up at enormous distances.


This tiny 6 pound pouch-sized kit can be erected into a small 3-man habitat tent in about ten minutes. It takes a similar amount of time to deconstruct. It can come in a variety of colors. When deconstructed and properly stowed, it fits in a small pack that straps to the thigh for easy transport.


An everflame is a permanent, waterproof, windproof lighter guaranteed to last 20 years.


An exoskeleton is a mechanical, metal frame that is worn on the outside of a character’s body. It follows the body’s movements and increases the strength of its wearer. Each joint has its own miniature motor. An exoskeleton must be specially fitted to the character that will wear it, and can not be worn by anyone else.
Getting into or out of an exoskeleton takes 1d10+10 minutes. A character in an exoskeleton increases their Pace by 4, doubles their jumping distances and increases the wearer’s Strength by two die types. If the wearer’s Strength is already at d12, then the increase is in +1 increments. An exoskeleton provides no protection to the wearer. It can be worn along with a power screen and defensive suit.

Explorer Boots

These knee-high boots are made from waterproof, uncrushable material. They are insulated against desert heat, arctic cold, and tropical humidity. These boots can be purchased with built-in knife sheath, pistol holster, or patch pockets.

Explorer Vest

This heavy-duty vest comes with a variety of patch pockets, inside zipper pockets, velcro strips, rings, and snaps for maximum item attachment. It is designed with an attached plastipack on the back so breakables can be kept relatively safe.


This element is the toughest known material in the Frontier. It is impervious to heat, cold, and rust. It is incredibly expensive (how expensive is left to the referee’s discretion) and the cost of molding it is also high. There are very few factories where federanium can be formed or reworked.

Flashlight/Hand Beam/E-Torch

The flashlight is about the size of a pencil. It contains enough power to operate for 200 hours. Its beam will shine up to 100 meters (50”).

Grappling Gun

This rifle-shaped device comes equipped with 30 meters (300 feet) of high-tensile strength microline, a metal claw type grappling hook, and four explosive digger heads. It also has an optional mini-motor for automatic reel-in and ascent. The grappling gun is used for small-scale climbs after anchoring it with its grapple, or,
unscrewing the claw and attaching an explosive head, blasting its way into a rock facing, thus creating an anchor. The optional motor not only reels the line in but can also lift 60 lbs. of weight. The anchor rod is fired by the same type of shell as in a grenade rifle. This device is of Vrusk origin.


A holoflare is a small, solid, ball-shaped device. When lit, the flare rockets about 200 meters into the air and hovers there for 10 minutes. The flare will illuminate an area 1 km across with a dim light. Infla-Tent. These inflatable tents are one-piece cocoons and come in single or two-man sizes. They are made of vinylast and are extremely durable and reusable. The infla-tent comes with pressurized canisters that pop them up in two rounds, providing a secure haven in most planetary atmospheres.

Life Bubble

The life bubble is of the same material and basic design as the infla-tent but completely envelops the wearer in one turn. They are worn like a backpack and are used by sailors or downed pilots on a watery world or sea. The normal oxygen supply inside one of these bubbles is two hours maximum but a small airhole can be opened for use of an attached snorkle, then sealed again against the elements. A life bubble will keep most bioforms alive until they are rescued or run out of provisions, but the enveloped character must keep movement down to a minimum to stabilize the airhole’s position above the water.


This set is a combination of suc-gloves, elbow and knee suc-pads, and suc-boots. They are completely covered with thousands of suc-pods, the organic supersuckers found on Solar Minor. Suc-pods are attached in neat little rows that can hold more than double the wearer’s weight (if the full set is worn) but can be easily unstuck by sliding in the direction of the climb.

In this manner a wearer can belly-crawl up sheet walls, leap on to a vehicle and have a chance to stick to it, or remain sucked to the ceiling for hours. Suc-pods have to be watered every 20 hours to keep them from drying out and dying. The only surface they suc-pods do not adhere to is one that is oily. Vrusk cannot use the suc-set; their physical structure is not suited for its use.


Salgel is an oily blue goo that effectively protects surfaces from all but the worst concentrations of acid. Explorers often coat themselves or any exposed items with it to counteract the corrosive effects of severe acid rain or acidic gas. It can only be removed by a special liquid that accompanies its purchase.

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