07.04 Rd6 Gear: Weapons (Fantasy, TL 1-4)

07.04 Rd6 Gear: Weapons (Fantasy, TL 1-4)

Most muscle-powered weapons are melee weapons. Swords, knives, brass knuckles, clubs, and so on are all examples. All of these weapons require Strength: Melee Weapons to use. GM may allow characters to employ untrained such simple ones as sticks with only the Strength attribute. Edged or pointed weapons do half damage when used to bludgeon instead of cut.

Melee Weapons

WeaponDamagePriceHandedMin StrMin TLAttributes
Arrow, crossbow bolt, dartSTR+1022D 2
Axe, Battle STR+3D223D2
Ball & ChainSTR+2D 122D2
Brass knucklesSTR+1D+1111D4
BullwhipSTR+1D 111D 2Reach 1; Entangle: 2, Break: 2
Club, Heavy nonspikedSTR+1D+1 122D1
Club, Light nonspiked STR+3 111D1
Club, Heavy spikedSTR+1D+2 122D 2
Club, Light spiked STR+1D 111D2
HatchetSTR+1D+1 111D2
Halberd STR+3D222D+12
KatanaSTR+3D 222D 3
Knife, SmallSTR+2011D1
Knife, Medium (dagger)STR+1D011D1
Mace, LightSTR+3111D2
Mace, HeavySTR+1D+1122D2
Morning starSTR+3D212D2
ManrikigusariSTR+1D+2121D3Entangle: 3, Break: 4
Net, ChainSTR+1122D2Entangle: 4, Break: 6
Net, Rope021D2Entangle: 3. Break: 2
QuarterstaffSTR+1D+2122D1Reach 0.5
RapierSTR+2D111D1Reach 0.5
Spear, metal tipSTR+2D222D2 Reach 1
StilettoSTR+1D 011D2
Sword, broadSTR+2D+2 212D3 Reach 0.5
Sword, long STR+2D+2 212D 3 Reach 0.5
Sword, shortSTR+1D+2111D3
Sword, two-handedSTR+3D+1123D3 Reach 0.5
TonfaSTR+1D+1 211D3 Reach 1
TridentSTR+1D+2 222D3 Reach 1
War hammerSTR+3D 123D2


A whip is a long braided strip of leather attached to a handle. When a character uses it to strike a target, determine the success with the Strength: Melee Weapons skill. A whip can also be used to entangle an opponent with it’s Reach. The character uses Strength: Melee Weapons as well and if successful, the whip wraps about the target. If it’s unsuccessful, the target takes full damage.

It can also be used to disarm opponents (as a called shot) or to swing over pits or other openings. To swing with the whip, the character makes a Difficult (3) Strength: Melee Weapons to catch the whip around a projection overhead that can support his weight. (The GM may include modifiers depending on the conditions.)

Missile & Thrown Weapons

WeaponDamageRange (Short/Medium/Long)ROFHandedMin STRAttributesPrice
Bow, LongSTR+2D+265/130/260SS22D 2
Bow, Short STR+1D+2 50/100/200 SS21D 1
Crossbow, Light4D50/100/200SS22D1
Crossbow, Heavy4D+175/150/300 SS 23DReload 12
Crossbow, Pistol 3D+210/20/40 SS 12D2
Spear/JavelinSTR+2D 10/20/40SS21DReach 11
Throwing daggerSTR+1D 5/10/20SS110
Throwing starSTR+1D 5/10/20 SS111
Melee & Thrown Weapons

Gunpowder Weapons

Not every fantasy setting includes the invention of gunpowder, but for those that have, here are a few weapons using that propellant. The guns rely on marksmanship for their accuracy, while the black powder bomb needs throwing to loft it to a new location.

Note that both muskets are quite heavy, requiring a wooden rest to allow proper aiming. Anyone not using a rest must take a multi-action, using one action to lift the gun (Strength: lifting) and one to fire the weapon.

TypeDamage Range (S/M\L) ROF Handed Min STR Attributes Price
Arquebus MusketLong Rifle3D+210/20/40 122DReload 43
BlunderbussLight Rifle4D12/24/48121D Reload 4 2
Wheellock MusketLong Rifle 4D15/30/60122DReload 4 3
Wheellock PistolLarge Pistol3D+1 5/10/20111DReload 4 3
Flintlock musketLong Rifle3D+225/50/100122DReload 42
Black Powder BombBomb 6D5/10/20 122D BR32
Gunpowder Weapons


Also known as the matchlock musket, the arquebus is a simple weapon with a wooden stock and heavy iron barrel. It varies in length from 1.2 to 1.8 meters or more and weighs nine kilograms. The weapon is a simple muzzle-loader; in other words, the firer must load powder charge, wadding, and shot down the barrel, then tamp it down using a ramrod. Once the weapon is loaded, the firer ignites the powder with a device called a matchlock. This holds a burning match – often a slow-burning piece of thin cord – at the upper end, and a lever or trigger at the lower end. By pulling the lever or trigger, the firer swings the match smoothly on to the touchhole, igniting the powder. This musket each require 4 rounds to reload.

Wheellock Musket/Pistol

The wheellock involves iron pyrites scraping against a wheel that turns when the trigger is pulled, igniting a spark that sets off the primer. The musket is about 1.2 to 1.8 meters in length, and 10 kilograms in weight, while the pistol is 15 centimeters and a little more than 3.5 kilograms in weight. Wheellock pistols are commonly carried in a brace of two, alongside the sword, and are of great use against armored foes. Like the matchlock musket, the wheellock musket requires a stand to aim correctly. The pistol and the musket each require 4 rounds to reload.

Black Powder Bomb

This bomb consist of melon-sized pottery ball filled with black powder. A fuse protrudes from the ball, and when the fuse burns down, the ball explodes, usually with a big enough boom to knock down most monsters.