07.02.01 Rd6 Gear: Power Armor (Sci-fi)

07.02.01 Rd6 Gear: Power Armor (Sci-fi)

Powered Armor (TL 8+)

TypeArmor ValPDTLAdd-Ons AGL
Power Armor, Base Model+4D484/5-2
Mk 1 Armored Combat Suit (ACS)+4D+1584/5-2
Mk 2 ACS+4D+2584/5 -2
Mk 3 ACS+4D+2 695/6-3
Mk 4 Armored Deep Space Combat Suit (ADSCS) +4D+3 695/6-1D
Mk 5 ADSCS +4D+3 8106/8-1D
Mk 6 ADSCS +4D+3 9108/10-3
Avenger Armored Battle Suit +5D6910/12-1D
Scout ABS +4D798/10-2
Paladin ABS+6D59 4/6 -1D
* Add-on Limit for Helmet/Suit

Base Power Armor

Add -2 to Agility-based actions when wearing this suit.

Basic power armor is in common use among corporate marines, particularly those of smaller companies who cannot afford the top-of-the-line models. Power armor features servo-motors and mini-hydraulics built in to move the bulky outfit. It can be worn with a padded under-suit for a cumulative armor add.

Power armor need not be customized to the wearer’s body and can be bought off the rack. Outfits come both with and without built-in power packs for use with energy weapons. Getting into (or out of) a complete set of power armor takes twelve combat rounds as a non-Skilled action, or three rounds as a Difficult (3) Drive/Pilot: powersuit Skill (reduce the difficulty for every 2 extra round spent between getting in or out).

Mk 1 & 2 Armored Combat Suit

Add -2 to Agility-based actions when wearing this suit.

The only difference between the Mark 1 and Mark 2 was a slight increase in the protection provided and some aesthetic improvements to make it look sleeker.

Mark 3 Armored Combat Suit

Take -3 Penalty to Agility-based actions when wearing this suit.

Add +1 to vision-based Perception checks.

Fire Control Module: +1D

The suit provides better protection against attacks, though not without a price, as there was an increased difficulty of free movement. The Mark 3 comes with a fairly impressive electronic suite installed as standard equipment, including a biomedical and diagnostic scanner, targeting scanner and mapping system. All of which can be projected onto a Heads-Up Display. The suit does not have full ENVI capabilities but a filter system does allow it to operate in hostile atmospheres (though you probably won’t want to stay long).

Mark 4 Armored Deep Space Combat Suit

Take -1D penalty to Agility-based actions when wearing this suit.

Add +1D to all vision-based perception checks.]

Fire Control Module: +1D

Probably the best armor currently on the market, the Mark 4 is also the most expensive. Though relatively bulky, is highly effective against all forms of attack. The Mark 4 can be worn with a padded undersuit for a cumulative bonus.

The Mark 4 must be customized to the wearer’s body. It is possible to override its programming with customization software, but this can be unreliable. Armor that has not been customized may freeze up on a Complication or even do damage to the wearer (GM option). It is equipped with power packs and ports for use with some energy weapons.

Within the helmet is a small computer that wraps around the wearer’s head from ear to ear. This monitors all of the armor’s functions, including projecting a Heads Up Display (HUD), biomedical systems, scanner programs, and briefing data downloaded from a ship’s terminal. A commander’s suit will often feature a bio-monitor, allowing him to keep tabs on the conditions of his troops.

The helmet also features a port which can attached to a long-range sensor dish, for use on scouting missions. The dish is contained in a small container which can be fastened to the leg of the suit with electromagnets. In addition, the helmet contains integral FCM, which provide a +1D boost to vision-based Perception checks and to any combat
skill rolls that involve integral weapons systems.

The helmet computer is voice-activated and has complete control over the suit’s systems. It is possible, simply by saying “Glove” firmly and clearly, to increase the Strength of that particular armor unit by +2 for the performance of a specific task (say, hooking up a stubborn power cable to its port). Different suits have different standard functions, so the gamemaster should work out any special functions (and price increases) for the armor.

The Mark 4 also acts as a full ENVI-suit, with all the attributes of such an outfit. This makes it excellent for corporate troops who may be sent into hostile environments at any time.

Mark 5 Armored Combat Deep Space Suit

Take -1D penalty to all Agility-based Tests.

Add +3 to all vision-based Perception checks.

Fire Control Module: +1D

The suit looks identical to the Mark 4, however it’s main advantage lies in the micro-miniaturization of its systems. This has allowed for an unprecedented number of add-ons in both helmet and suit.

Mark 6 Armored Combat Deep Space Suit

Take -3 penalty to all Agility-based Tests.

Add +2 to all Agility-based Tests.

Add +3 to all vision-based Perception checks.

Fire Control Module: +1D

The suit looks identical to the Mark 5, however it’s main advantage lies in the advances to the bio-mechanical musculature and response times to the users actions. This has allowed for a lower Agility penalty.

Avenger Armored Battle Suit

Take -1D penalty to Agility-based actions.

Add +3 to all vision-based Perception checks

Fire Control Module: +1D

This one takes some getting used to, even for someone used to seeing the latest and the greatest in tech on a regular basis. The Avenger is more of a personal tank than anything else, one that allows the user to stay on the battlefield for up to three weeks without a recharge. It can also be used to recharge other suits, although this will diminish its own power supply significantly. The Avenger is designed as mobile fire support for regular troops. Critics however, have described the Avenger as a box with arms and legs.

The Avenger features a number of integrated weapons, including a Auto Plasma Laser and a Repeating Laser Pistol. Two guided missiles are mounted on the back of the unit. These weapons are linked to the suit’s power system and thus enjoy near continuous fire. The plasma laser has 100 hydrogen fuel cells which are reloaded from the back. The pulse laser is built into the right arm and the laser is a backup weapon found in the left arm.

The Avenger incorporates ENVI technology and can provide full environmental support. It also contains all equipment contained in the Mark 4. The Avenger can move at 50 meters per round.


NameDamage ValueShortMediumLongAmmo
Auto Pulse Laser*9D3-40250750100
Repeating Laser Pistol4D3-2575150**
Guided Missles10D10-10030015002
*This weapon can be reloaded from the back. **Consider this weapon to have unlimited ammo as long as suit is charged.

Scout Armored Battle Suit

Take -2 Penalty to Agility-based actions

Add +3 to Stealth vs. on someone in this armor with the naked eye

Add +1D+2 to Stealth vs. Sensors

The Scout is made of plasto-steel, with a light servomotor system to assist with movement. The wearer can get comfortable and move almost as if he weren’t wearing armor. Buyers should remember, though, that the Scout armor is designed more for stealth and freedom of movement than for toughness, and so won’t stand up to as much punishment as a other suits.

Additional features of the armor include a full electronic countermeasures suite, thermal masking, and light absorption paint which covers the entire suit. The Scout also acts as an ENVI suit and is capable of self-sealing when breached.

Paladin Armored Battle Suit

Take -1D penalty to Agility-based actions when wearing this suit.

Add +1D to all vision-based perception checks.]

Fire Control Module: +1D

The Paladin has full ENVI capabilities but does not offer the kind of protection or all the extras that the Mark 4+ does. But it is less expensive, so merc groups down on their luck and megacorporate cred-counters shopping for their marines have been known to settle for this.

Armor Add Ons (TL 8+)

Add OnPrice DifficultyTLAdd On Spaces
Bio-Medical Scanner281
Booster Pack282
Drug Injection System281
Electronic Counter-Measures281
Enhanced Strength281*
Fire Control Module1*81*
Heads Up Display181
Helmet Scanner181
Helmet Cam181
Hydraulic Glove181
Image Magnification181
Integrated WeaponWeapons cost + 181
Light Amplification 181
Magnetic Boots181
Peripheral Sensor281
Reflekt Layer/Interweaving392
Smartgun Link281
Suit Integrity System282
Thermal Imager28 1
Thermal Masking28 1
Armor Add Ons (TL 7+)

The common substitute for cyberware, add-ons are cheaper and easier to resell. An augmented suit can be sold again and again without having to go through a chop shop, as long as you re-calibrate it for the new owner. The cost listed for each item includes the price of installation.

Bio-Medical Scanner

This scanner allows soldiers to monitor their vital signs. There is also an external screen that will allow others to to check upon the user’s condition. This system can be tied into the suit’s communication system so that those with the proper receiver can monitor the user from a distance. This system also requires space within the helmet of the armor.

Booster Pack

This system, built into a harness attached to the back of the armor, allows for travel in zero gravity through the use of positional jets. Maximum movement is 10 meters a round. Due to its size, this system takes up two add-on spaces in a suit.

Drug Injection System

Combat drugs are a big part of a power armor soldier’s life. The most popular drugs include Adreno-Boost, Endo-Boost, Quick-jack, Mind-Boost and Pain-Dose. The Drug Injection System can hold a total of six doses of any combination. Auditory systems allows the user to verbally command that a particular drug be injected. Also, if the armor has a biomedical system, the drugs can be automatically injected if the scanner indicates it is required, based on pre-programmed criteria set by the user.

Electronic Counter Measures

[Add +1D to Sneak vs. sensors checks to detect the user by electronic means.]

This system masks much of the electronic signature of the armor, and automatically attempts to jam active sensors that hit it. The system also has ESM capabilities, so it can detect an active sensor at a 110% of the range of the sensors.

Enhanced Strength

[Strength is increased in +1D increments, up to a maximum of +3D. Each +1D unit requires one add-on space in the suit.]

Usually, a power armor exoskeleton only offsets the weight of the suit and provides no strength bonus. This system provides the user with amplified muscle power for a variety of tasks.

ENVI Integration

Not all Power Armor suits are made for vacuum or environments incompatible to the user’s biology. To change that, the armor must be fitted with an ENVI integration module which seals up the armor, integrates life support systems, pressure systems and air supplies for the user. This takes up 3 spaces on the armor and 1 in the helmet.

Fire Control Module

Also known as a targeting system, this system is a step down from a full-on smart-link but still does a good job. It is also not tied to a specific mounted weapon. The Fire Control System give the user +1 pip per FCM module added, up to a max of 6. Each Module is 1 Space. Note that 3 pips is 1D.


This system’s popular with the few scouts I still call friends. It’s a small camera attached to a two meter long, semi-flexible cable. The camera allows the user to peer around corners, over obstacles, etc. without having to expose himself to any danger. The camera has a built-in thermal imager to allow it to see in total darkness.

Heads Up Display

[+1 to tasks involving the display and other devices integrated to it.]

Uses a laser projection unit to display information (maps, orders medical reports etc.) on either the armor’s face plate or an eyepiece. The display system also includes four ports for standard information slugs.

Helmet Scanner

[Adds +1D to Perception checks when seeking something. Can be blocked by cover over three meters thick.]

Works just like a hand scanner, but is built into the helmet of armor.

Helmet Cam

An external camera that allow others to monitor what the person in the armor is doing. It is usually tied into the suit’s communication system to allow two way communication.

Hydraulic Glove

[Add +1D to Strength when using glove to perform an action.]

A popular item among power armor users, the Hydraulic Glove allows the user to manipulate an object with increased strength. Many combat engineers love the item because it takes the place of many heavy tools that would otherwise have to be carried.

Image Magnification

[Add +2 to Perception totals for observing images far away. Add -1D Penalty to Perception totals when attempting to use peripheral vision.]

This allows the user to increase the magnification of the vision unit by up to 50 times. Unfortunately it also reduces the arc of vision proportional to the magnification level used.

Integrated Weapon

Any holdout or sidearm class of weapon can be integrated onto the wrist of a suit of power armor. An energy weapon will draw off the power in the suit. Once Integrated, the weapon can only be fired through the suit’s circuitry.

Light Amplification

[Adds+1D to Perception Tests when attempting to see in near dark conditions.]

This system amplifies the ambient light within the environment to allow near to normal vision for the user. While it is not effective in total darkness, it is a great help in many other conditions that would otherwise limit sight. Like the Thermal Imager, the Light Amplification system has built in flare compensators.

Magnetic Boots

These allow the user to adhere to a metallic surface (such as a spaceship hull) in zero gravity. The boots are computer assisted to allow for maximum freedom of movement by the user. This system can only be used with fully ENVI-capable armor.

Peripheral Sensor

[Add +1D to Perception bonus checks to spot anyone approaching from the sides or rear.]

This system is great to have if you’re stuck in power armor. Small Wide-angle video cameras are placed upon the side of the helmet. The image is then projected onto one corner of the face plate, allowing the user to keep an eye on his flanks. An expert system can also be installed with this which will recognize any potential threats and warn the user of them. Cost: 1000 for basic system, 2000 with expert system included.

Reflekt Layer/Interweaving

[+2D Armor Value against energy weapons only]

A reflective and energy dispersal material can either be layered or interwoven in powered armor, giving it extra protection against energy weapons. The system takes 2 add on spaces.

Smartgun Link

[Add +2D to relevant weapons skill.]

Allows for the integration of smart weapon technology into the power armor. Requires that the integrated weapon used be equipped with a smartgun system. Once linked, a target selector is projected on to the face plate showing where the weapon is pointed, what the weapon is pointing at, the range from the user, and the probability of a hit given ideal conditions.

Suit Integrity System

This system is designed to be used on suits with ENVI capabilities. When the armor suffers a major breach in one of the limbs, a sphincter closes, amputating the limb. While this may seem drastic, it must be remembered that in a hostile atmosphere or in zero gravity this is the only way that a user may survive. Included within the system are four doses of Pain-Dose, to prevent the user from going unconscious. This system takes up two add-on spaces.

Thermal Imager

[No penalties due to Total Darkness]

A sighting system that allows the user to see in complete darkness by detecting the infrared patterns given off by the surrounding environment. Flare compensators are built into the unit so that sudden flashes of heat will not blind the user or burn out the unit.

Thermal Masking

[Add +1D to Sneak vs. sensors checks to detect the user with heat-sensitive devices.]

This system dissipates much of the heat produced by armor, making it harder to see with thermal imagers.