1.02: Omens

1.02: Omens

DS Day 5-18

Where: Kolatil

Upon dropping out of hyperspace, sensors could already detect the inferno that was once Domaz. Even after four days, the city was still a flaming hell. Distress calls from all over the city were being received. An emergency away team was launched, and emergency procedures were initiated.

A contingent of peace-keeping soldiers were sent down, along with Boom for his demolitions expertise, Raso Lao Hasslock for his bio-chem experience, Thane B’Dorbeck to cover the political ends, and the field medic to handle the wounded. Loh’Khar set out to arrange for extra supplies that would obviously be needed, and Dervious and Samarion were put in charge of the recovery action over-all. Kl’aal was the commanding officer of the away-team.

Teams were formed to search the city for unexploded bombs,and as it turned out, there were many. As the search went on, it came quite apparent that this was no accident. They were placed in concentric circles, throughout the city, and some contained a bio-catalyst. This catalyst was apparently to be introduced into the area, and react with a future agent. Where that future agent would come from worried them. The disarming process was going to take days. Boom had his work cut out for him.

The squibs stowed away on one of the shuttles, and set out to have there own adventure. That they did. They went about “finding stuff” (read: Looting), and were able to facilitate first aid to more of the remote areas that the central effort couldn’t get to. They even earned a Kolitall Metal of Valor for it, in the end.

As efforts continued, supplies were getting short, especially medical. Loh’Khar was working hard to solve that problem. Supplies from other cities were coming in by land, but many of the roads were cut off, and there was a danger of raiders. While the New Republic team formed a security detail for the shipments, Loh’Khar was able to contact a small smuggler group in the Kolatill asteroid belt, called the Kolatill Rock-Hoppers, who had access to a lost Imperial Supply Cache hidden in the asteroids. Through some dealings with the New Republic diplomat, the smugglers agreed to trade with the crew of the Farstar.

Other complications arose as time went on. First, word had gotten through that their was a significant faction of Imperial-Sympathizers being lead by a scar-faced Imperial General, causing trouble in areas. Some skirmishes with them had broken out, and some NR casualties were reported. They were very well organized, and seemed to have a purpose. Kl’aal dispatched himself to investigate.

Another problem came up when the planetary council requested that they have a holo-vised meeting with Captain Ciro on planet. With some strong resistance, the Captain agreed to meet. On top of wrapping up the recovery effort, now Dervious and Samarion had to make sure the meeting place was secure. The council insisted on this meeting to ensure that unrest doesn’t continue. The time and place were chosen, and plans were made. The broadcast would take place in another city, from a military broadcast station. Samarion was sent ahead to scout the area.

Kl’aal followed the Imperial-sympathizer group deep into the city, and found out that they had stolen 2 of the unexploded bombs. Kl’aal watched as they loaded up several transport Repulsor-planes with the bombs and several groups of armed insurgence. He noticed that all the soldiers were wearing odd pendants, small insignificant stones on leather strings. The significance of these were unclear, but the stones looked oddly familiar.

Samarion was ensuring the meeting site was clear, when he was surprised to see the Farstar’s Assault Shuttle land in the Repulsor-air-port, and the Captain walk out….12 hours early. He was told that it was the Captain’s idea to head up any mole that might have leaked the time and place. They moved the time table up as soon as they could.

Kl’aal was hidden well, and was making attempts to commandeer the craft he was on. Things didn’t quite go that way, and it wasn’t long before the bridge crew of the aircraft were dead, and the plane was slowly lurching out of formation. Kl’aal grabbed the nearest parachute (“parachute….how primitive”). Even though he got out before the plane slammed into the one below it, he was unable to escape the fireball that resulted. The remainder of the formation of planes were able to land in the airport below… the same airport Samarion was at, greeting the Captain as he came in. He watched as the 2 planes collided and burst, and saw a dark shadowy form float down from the fireball. He recognized the figure and set out to rescue him while the Captain and a security detail headed by Gorak found the quickest and safest transportation to the broadcast station.

The information was obvious. Their was going to be an attempt on the Captain’s life by these Imperial-Sympathizers. Security had to be tight.

A joint security effort between Gorak, Samarion, and Dervious was set up around the station, as the others inside worked hard to get the broadcast over-with. The attack came out of no-where, literally. Dozens of armed soldiers appeared out of the shadows as if they were cloaked. As they did, they were removing their hands from something near their neck. The pendants….had to be Darkstryder tech. The battle raged fiercely.

Meanwhile, in orbit, almost on cue, an Imperial Escort Carrier dropped out of hyperspace, using the planets gravity well to drop in close proximity to the Farstar (Not an easy task). Swarms of TIEs launched towards the Farstar and the Planet. In the swarms were 48 TIE Bombers loaded with planetary siege bombs with some kind of bio-agent integrated into their explosives. All fighters launched, and an orbital battle ensued.

The Captain was rushed to a shuttle for immediate evacuation, as the ground battle raged. The shuttle lifted off with him and a few security guards. Gorak stayed behind to join the ground battle. In orbit, the Escort Carrier picked up the shuttle coming up from the surface and maneuvered to intercept. The TIEs kept the X-wings busy, so the Farstar moved to do battle with the Carrier. Blasts volleys crisscrossed between the two capitol ships. Several turbolaser shots found their mark on the Carrier, and some internal damage could be seen. Krudar, the Duros Gunner, knew that all he needed was one lucky shot, and he would have him a cap-ship on his vest. He concentrated on finding his mark so hard that he didn’t see the carrier seize the Captain’s shuttle and tractor it on board. The shot did find its mark a few moments later. The Carrier lurched hard, as it began it’s hyperspace procedures. The engines began to disintegrate, as the ship switched to hyperdrive. The shuttle had enough time to load up an Imperial detail, when the rear of the carrier went up. Realizing their situation, the shuttle launched and jumped into hyperspace before the Carrier finally exploded just before part of it entered hyperspace.

With the Imperial threat gone, and the city of Domaz well on it’s way to recovery, the Farstar stayed long enough to resupply, and replace lost crew. They all received commendations from the Kolatill Planetary Council. They lost some good people, including the Captain’s brother in the fighter dogfight. The Farstar left Kolatill with the sense that Sarne was definitely not leaving the Kathol sector quietly. He was definitely going to be a challenge, as well as overcoming Imperial propaganda, and sympathizers in the sector. All bad Omens for the mission ahead…..

Intel Report that came in after this session: See Intel Report for Days 14- 19

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