1.12: The Stars of Death

1.12: The Stars of Death

Shadows of Deceit / #12 / Sessions 0 – 0 /  to / Where:

Chronicle Day 69-70: 1 yr. Pre-ANH

Location: Imperial Research Station M-96

Dates: 2/4/2000

The grand ball for this event was held near the surface of the asteroid, under a large glass dome. Pyre and his “entourage” entered the room with great awe on there face. It was a majestic site indeed.

From what they could determine, this event had a dual purpose. For one, the Empire was testing out a new weapons, using the 12 Stars as the catalyst. All twelve asteroids were in alignment in such a way that a beam could be focused through the Stars and directed to one point in space, creating an immense blast of energy.

“And what happens when all twelve stars are in place…. let alone when an energy blast is focused through them…” Brendaron asked at one point.

“My…. sources… tell me that all things that were will return to their original state…” Kragar said vaguely.

“Meaning the moon will reassemble to it’s original state…” Brendaron interpolated.

“…and return to it’s original spot… oh yea, and I have a feeling that the Dark Jedi will also return… ” Kragar competed.

“That’s not good.”

The second reason for the gala was to unite two factions within Melantha and Mecetti. It was unclear exactly who the leaders of each faction were, both it was clear that both were interested in bringing the Empire here faster than the respective houses wanted.

Berellion was insistent that Brendaron and the others get Pyre out of the gala as soon as possible. The Mecetti ball suits he supplied were tight fitting, and uncomfortable, but they definitely helped them blend into the crowd.

Brendaron sent Jarnak and Riddom out to secure a quick route back to the ship. If everything went according to plan, Brendaron knew that all hell would break lose pretty quick.

Brendaron was momentarily distracted by the presence of Major General Silus Weller, a man that has had a long-standing hatred for Brendaron since he left the Kuat Ship Yards. Brendaron, however, redirected his attention to a new factor in the mix. In the crowd, he saw one of his own corporate managers talking with Imperials. He chose a very delicate moment to approach him, and corner him.

Gamros Ardium was certainly surprised to see his boss appear out of the crowd. “Marquis Brendaron, it IS a surprise to see you and in such clothing, even. I would take it you are not here on official corporate business.”

Brendaron was glad his employee at least had the discretion to keep his voice down with the greeting. “Why I am here is no matter. Why your here is come what distressing to me. Dealing with the Imperials, are you? Behind my back?”

Before the discussion was over, he was able to convince the turncoat to be his double-agent within the ranks of the Imperials here. It cost him a Board of Directors seat and a hefty raise, but it was worth it.


Lord Goromaldi aka Baron Pyre was pleased with himself. He had set himself up for a late night sabaac game with none other than the Moff, the High Lord of Mecetti and Berellion.

“Lord Goromaldi, may I have a word with you…” a voice from behind surprised him. It was Marks, along with the droid Remmy. He had spotted them earlier in the duct-works, but did not expect them to show up dressed in Mecetti clothing.

“Of course…” They were interrupted by the sounds of royal trumpets as the Moff, the station commandeer and The High Lord of Mecetti stood up on a stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please, may we have your attention…” the crowd quieted, “We would look to present to you a show of sorts, to explain what you are going to witness later this evening.”

The lights dimmed and a holographic image of this side of Mrlsst lit up the dome above them. The asteroid belt was highlighted, and still. Twelve asteroids were outlined in yellow blinking light.

“These twelve asteroids will be aligned perfectly soon, with the help of some the Empire’s best engineers. All are armed with a Crystal with unique properties…”

The Herglics in the crowd let a low whale-like tone, a sign of their approval. The Herglics in the room, as was determined by Remmy, were from House Adrios and its allies.

As the speaker continued about the Stars, a procession of Herglic monks marched out from behind the VIP table on the stage. They were carrying a bowl of sorts, suspended by two poles by which they carried it . In the bowl was a large pulsating crystal.

Bendaron was somewhat shocked. If that is the same Star I was able to retrieve from that rat, it’s gotten larger – much larger. I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted someone else looking at the crystal as hungrily as he wasw, perhaps more so. Upon realizing he was being observed, the other person melted back into the crowd. Brendaron thought he recognized the person but wasn’t sure.

The presentation soon ended with a grand display of holographic simulations, mesmerizing and exciting the crowd. Drinks were recirculated by the droids as the evening’s festivities continued.

It was soon time for the sabaac game.


Notes: The Imperial Gala with Mecetti and Malantha, the 12 stars and the new weapon test, Marks’ encounter with Dro’een, relic theif, Double Cross, the assassination attempt (Dro’een), Pyre’s power brokering and alliance making, Lord Bode’, the Moff, Brendaron’s perdicament thickens, Kragar’s encounter with the Judge, the Judge’s return to Mecrosa, and the Resurrection of the Past’s Darkness.