1.13: Sarne’s Counterattack

1.13: Sarne’s Counterattack

DS Day 88-108

Where: Kathol Core Region

Despite the failure of Project Storm Giant, in his infinite arrogance, Sarne attacked the Kathol Core Region on three fronts with 6 Star Destroyers and their supporting fleets. His fleet made significant gains into the Core Region. Galtea fell swiftly, but his bulk of his attack concentrated on the Southern Rim Region. He was going for his Ship yards, and the gate. He was apparently unaware of its destruction.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the battle group from the Minos Cluster had returned to Kathol. The Nobles had made progress on their fleet, and the smugglers alliance was supplying more and more fast attack freighters to the cause. The fleet was concentrated at Kal’Shebbol, setting course for Gandle Ott. They were going to meet Sarne head on.

Sarne was tenacious. He battle plan was almost unflawed, even without Storm Giant. The problem was he depended on it too much, though, and holes were soon found by New Republic strategists. A month into the counterattack, Sarne started loosing ground. Sarne was getting desperate, performing maverick strategies to gain ground. But the New Republic and her allies weren’t giving in. With help from local uprising, his ground forces were called back, and he was soon forced back into the Marcol Void.

The New Republic took about 30-35% losses, while Sarne took heavier losses. The New Republic was also able to capture a small fleet of Imperial ships, as well as gather a few defectors. Sarne was pushed back into the Kathol Outback, beaten but not defeated. He escaped with several of his key advisors, however, and the New Republic didn’t feel like that would be the last they saw of him. The Farstar would have to be called back into action.