1.16: The Race Begins

1.16: The Race Begins

Dates: 4/29/2000

Chronicle Day 85-95: 1 yr. Pre-ANH

Location: Mrlsst Swamp lands & Mrlsst University City

Jarnak was a hardened veteran of the Pelagia space navy, but he knew one thing – he was tired of the swamp. From old swamps boats to the horrid smelling strider-beasts, this while experience with JAN was not going to be one of his favorites.

Notes: JAN Camp: Mr. Black, Vigo’s interrogation, the Jedi next door, JAN pulling out, time table moved up, Tarsus in Ops, the virus, and the Shuttles. Swamp Druids: Pyre’s enlightenment, “he is of the blood line”,. his rescue, Junak and his forboding predrictions, death of his apprentice, “No explanation…”. Return to the University City, A city in turmoil, riots, the assault on the university, Tremayne & Gyr Teela arrive to take Junak. The death of Junak in the Grand Stalk Gardens, Darth Vader is coming, arrival of four knightly charges, promotion of necessity to Pyre, retreavel of the 4 charges, meeting Tremayne and Darth Vader. Riddom and his impounded ship, the return of Gredarian. The return of Isak Hemmler (Jo-Di).

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