1.23: Endgame: The Rejoining and The Closing

1.23: Endgame: The Rejoining and The Closing

Chronicle Day 125-175:  1 yr. Pre-ANH

Dates: 11/5/2000

Location: In orbit of Tallaan and somewhere in the Rimas Nebula near Reena space

Notes: The two missions, preparation, framing Berellion, the destruction of his empire.  Pyre’s political moves to take over his empire.  Goromaldi proves to be resourceful.  The set up, the visit my Lord Bode and the sector Moff.

The search for the ship, intrigue, the Lost Legacy.  Battle the worms aboard, finding the children.

The Judge in two places.  The rejoining of the judge and the destruction of the Torpedo Sphere.  The closing of the Reena route.


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