01: Jedi Knight

01: Jedi Knight

Jedi Knights are called many things within the Frontier – wizards, sorcerers, masters, mages, and outcasts. Jedi Knights were, at one time, before the Frontier was established, a group of many races bound together by honor, and who fought for the good and the well being of the innocent. But after their defeat in the Republic Wars, they split up and became teachers to all who possess what they call the Force.

[I added a little more history to the Star Frontiers universe than there originally was. The Republic Wars were a war long ago that has long been forgotten. Obviously, I was trying to take some of the Star Wars universe and merge it in, without making it truly Star Wars. In fact, my first Star Frontiers gaming universe was a conglomeration of many universes – from Battlestar Galactica, to V (the mini-series), to anything else in-between.]

The Force is an aura of supernatural power, which surrounds a Jedi, and enables him to do almost anything, as long as he learns and grows in the knowledge of the Force.

The Beginning –

To receive the Force, the Player Character (PC) must be born with it.

[It’s not a class chosen by the player, but a path that is chosen by a higher power. Part of this game mechanic encourages a random choice of who will be Jedi. It creates a sense of fate around it, rather than choice and player manipulation. Because some of these powers are pretty strong, I created it in such a way that the GM controls who uses the powers, and how much they are a factor in the group. Other GMs can choose to do it differently. This, of course, showed my inexperience with the character class or career concept. ]

For gaming purposes, the GM or Ref will roll ONCE for each player in the party. The roll is d100 and any roll under 7% indicates the PC has been born with the Force [and could be a Jedi is he so chooses the path.] It is up to the GM on how the player finds out and becomes a Jedi.

[The intention here is to roleplay out the journey of a Jedi from discovery to early stages of learning to master through out the life of the PC.]

After find out, and acquiring 115 XP[I gave a lot of XP out when I started gaming.], the Player must roll another d100 to get under 17%. This is called the Master Roll. At this time, the player must be free of any adventuring – no deadlines, no destinations, and no obligations. Success of this roll means the Jedi has found a Master and has become a 1st level Jedi. Failure means he found a Master but is having a hard time learning, or he found a false Master. In failing, the player receives 2d10 damage and losses 4d10 XP. To get another chance, the player must get back to 115 XP. Optionally, the GM can require that all the damage must be healed as well, before he tries again.

[The search for the Master can be role-played out, eliminating the need for the roll.]

On any future attempts, the Master Roll can be modified based on the fact that he has learned from his previous mistakes. For every attempt after the first, the roll gets a +5% modifier to a max of +20%. This would require a record of the number of tries.

[The 115 XP might be a little high, so I would allow some flexibility on that number, specifically. But a range from 15 to 30 should not be too much to ask. It’s up to the GM.]

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