13.0 – Volturnus: Outpost Alpha-9

13.0 – Volturnus: Outpost Alpha-9

This was an epic night.  The infal challenges of the cavens and then finally the Star Devil outpost.

GM Notes: 

I merged the original material (location map matches the classic version) with Chris Putnam’s re-write and added my own spice.  (1) I kept the Lake of fire and did a little lava craft for that.  (2) I noticed that the last few caves were simply wildlife encounters (they were the first encounters but since I re-wrote things for them to go backwards, they were the last).  I changed that all up to merge it into one big caven containing a fungus jungle – a fungle.  (3)  While keeping the classic look of the original outpost map, I decided to expand in it in 3D and added a few more armaments.  I abstracted the building levels with the foam-core representation seen in the pics.  I think the original intent of the scenario was to create a dungeon crawl and I just wanted to create a tactical challenge.

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