16.5 – Diablo Speaks

16.5 – Diablo Speaks

You have become a troublesome group of beings since your arrival. We trusted the planet would do its job and deal with you properly, but you proved to be more resilient than we thought – an under-estimation that will not happen again. You are not the first to cause us trouble and we do not expect for you to be the last.

This world is a place of cast-offs, rejects and refugees. We give them purpose and meaning through the blessing of our gods. It was abandoned by the cowardly and weak Eorna and now serves the needs of those we serve – Masters beyond the Verge.

You have come on the behest of a government that has cast out its own people, in hopes they would die and be forgotten. Who are the real monsters here?

The Malevolent Star brought us some interesting outcasts. You may know them as the Mindwalkers of the Pales. Some humans are too weak to handle the power of the mind and the truths it reveals. These psions and mentalists have touched the ancient mindless beings beyond through reckless experimentation performed by your Authority. They were cast out as failures.

We saved these poor sentients and have brought them to a very special place. Left behind by former tenants of this world, we believe it was an asylum for the week-minded Eorna. Now it serves a similar purpose for us. It is a storage place for things we wish to study and take advantage of later – a place of outcasts that we find interesting.

The Mindwalkers are just one of our guests. It is a place we like to store special things. And these things occasionally need feeding. Welcome to Volkos.