Savage Reich Star: The Flesh Forgers

Savage Reich Star: The Flesh Forgers

Alien concept

Organic technology and endless bio-energy weapons. The weapons have an umbilical attached to the warriors so they can not be picked up and used. All things powered by bio-energy or a form of alien psychic energy.

Alien warriors, energy weapons, organic technology. These are the easier creatures to defeat. I plan to have about 2 or 3 per player.

Alien Warrior Officer – one per 3 or 4 of the Warriors, they are a little more challenging

Alien Elite – heavily armored melee creatures. More powerful than the warriors or the officers, but only fight hand to hand.

Alien Leader – I only have one miniature of this type. This would be what they think is the boss but not really (see below). He is more of a boss lieutenant.

(Alien elite left in the shot for scale). This is one of four bio-mechs that will be wondering about and the players will have to dodge or combat. Yea, it’s large but if they play their cards right, they will have access to things that can defeat them.

This is the alien boss that they may have to fight – alien organic tech and psionic powers

This is an additional boss that is made of human flesh – sort of a alien built flesh golem..