16.0 – Volturnus: Pilgrim’s End

16.0 – Volturnus: Pilgrim’s End

Pilgrims End turned out to be a free city at the edge a vast grassland. In the shadows of a small mountains range, nestled in amist some old Eorna ruins, a population of mostly humans resided. In the middle of this small city was a massive circular structure. Apparently once a crystalline dome, it how serves as an arena for strange battles between “Chosen” and whatever else the Elders chose to throw in there – quickdeaths, rollers or queequegs.

Attached to the dome arena is the temple, where the Elders reside. Chosen from both the Ul-Mor and the Kurabanda are brought before the Elders, who pick a few to go into the arena. Others are chosen for a high-purpose (the pirates harvesting facility at Slave City One) and then there are others that are sent of to somewhere else (another unknown location).

To the East of the arena was the wreckage of a starship – the Malevolent Star – the rumored ship of cast-offs, political prisoners and terrorists sent out from the Truane Star System by the Truane Authority. The population of this city was apparently primarily made p of those that survive the crash. The wreck was populated by some of those that stuck to the ideals of New Pale and believe in a more militaristic and structured lifestyle. They were called the Reckies.

One the west of the the town intermingled with ancient structures was Shacktown. The people that lived here are survivors who are more chaotic and rogue in nature, releasing whatever relations they had with the Pales. They call themselves Shackies and has a certain disdain for the Reckies.

Between the two is a huge bizarre and market, where everyone trades in whatever goods or vices they like. The Star Devils commonly visit here to recruit.

The party found allies throughout the city. William found long thought dead relatives including his own mother. Telkis found missing Star Law agents. J’Vaar found revenge. Newcomer Flannigan found yet another victory to brag about.