2.08: Masters Of Exocron: Mutiny on the Farstar

2.08: Masters Of Exocron: Mutiny on the Farstar

DS Day 171-173

Where: Exocron System

The fighting had worsened. A few days into their stay, the rumors of mutiny were getting louder. Thyte had been working on a network of surveillance devices to watch the crew, and find where the rumors were coming from. He had a deep gut feeling that it all would come out now. Some were grumbling that it was the captain that ordered the poisonous gas tanks to be installed. Others were just getting restless from waiting. No one liked being cooped up, while being held by a tractor beam.

Security was spread out across the ship. Fights were starting to concentrate in the rear areas of the ship. Scoryn was busy with one in Engineering while Thanis was battling it out in Med-bay. Genna Seedar was busy taking care of the wounded. She was running out of sedation doses to calm down the angry and was resorting to a low stun setting on her blaster… Something Akenseh probably wouldn’t approve of.

Thyte called down to Lofryyn, to get his latest report. He hoped during all that fighting, that maybe the wookie had found a way to break the tractor. Besides, who was stupid enough to take on the wookie.

“Lofryyn no longer commands engineering, Acting-Captain Thyte. And soon you won’t control the ship. ” His comm unit suddenly want out.

He looked around as several his techs threw up their arms, frustrated over the stations. All the stations on the bridge suddenly lost connection to the rest of the ship. The was noise out side and mutineers erected a barricade to block the command center from the rest of the ship. Guards were fighting hand to hand, avoiding to resort to blasters unless totally necessary.

“OK, folks. We are under an official mutiny. All unnecessary crew to their quarters. Anyone found outside of quarters will be an assumed mutineer, unless proven otherwise.” Thyte bellowed. “Bridge Officer, I want a report in five minutes. Get the acting commander of the Night Terrors up here. Anyone that doesn’t like current command may relieve themselves from duty right now.”

No one moved.


After assessing their situation, Thyte realized that the fights were more than random. They were more coordinated. They had taken over engineering and portions of the areas surrounding. The were pushing forward and Scoryn with her security were still fighting the mutineers off in Med-bay. Casualties were starting to roll in. No one was sure who was loyal and who was not. Thyte got a list of unaccounted-for crew, crossed referenced with known casualties, and labeled it assumed mutineers. Thyte noticed that the list was made up of mainly crewmen recruited after the crossed into the Outback. Interesting

With Moyato on one of the thousands of sprawls in the gas giants upper atmosphere, and Wilkes on the Chillweaver mission, the command of the Night Terrors fell to the Duros, Sergeant Vic Taszin. Taszin had laid out deck plans on the central console, graying out areas that weren’t controlled by loyalists. Gunthar stood over the Night Terror’s shoulder, as if understanding it all. No one had seen him more comprehensive. As the Night Terror began to lay out plans to take back the ship, using data from Thyte’s droid network, Gunthar was showing him the small flaws in some of his plan, using his knowledge of the ship. Being the ship’s janitor helped knowing some of the ships idiosyncrasies.

There was something different about Gunthar; something more intelligent about him. Gunthar even noticed it. The further they journeyed, the smarter he got. He felt stronger in mind and in body. He was sensing things he didn’t before. Ever since they had arrived within the rift-fragment nebula surrounding Exocron, he had been hearing voices in his head. Sometimes two, three and even four all having dark conversations about destruction and death. He recognized none, however one did stir something deep with in his soul; something that felt like it had been dormant for centuries and was awakening. It felt like a warrior instinct, a sense of the hunt.

“Tell the security teams to fall back to the forward area. Regroup. I want to know who’s on my side, and who is not.”


Genna’s med bay was in chaos, almost like a battle field, and she was the military medic, but taking care of both sides. She was still stunning those still with fight in them. She caught a glimpse of someone short, directing the groups of mutineers; someone she thought she recognized. Was it one of the Turazza? Nizzal? And it was wearing some kind of gauntlet; much to big for him, but still wearing it. It looked odd.

The order came back for the loyalists to fall back. Abandon her sick bay? She had to make a fast decision. Which side to join and what to do when she got there. It only took a moment to decide which side she was loyal to. It was harder to make the decision on which side she was going to follow.


For Tanner Carzyn, it wasn’t hard. If Nizzal was the leader, he would follow. He just wanted out of the Bantha-fodder outfit. He had known something was going on, and made his own preparations weeks ago, in his own style. He hoped that some of them still remained. The only one he wasn’t one hundred percent sure of was that old Duros’ turret. But the others were rigged, and rigged good.

He was on his way to the Turazza now to inform her of his plans, and ask how he could serve the new captain.


They made plans for three team to make an assault on engineering. There were only about 30 mutineers, with about 45 loyalists, with the rest waiting things out. Taszin made plans to take a team over the top, while another teams of security and regulars would go across the bottom. Scoryn and Thanis would head up a team to go straight down the middle, hoping the will concentrate their forces there. Unda was sorely disappointed that he had to set his LRB on stun.

Gunthar was still sensing something; a malevolence that was influencing this all. It was something evil, and something they had encountered before. He thought back to a clouded memory of Aaris, their second visit there. Wasn’t there talk of an ancient Dark Jedi presence, and the soul of a Mandalorian, along with a Force Vampire, all trapped inside a suit of armor; Dervious’s armor. How it got that way, he didn’t remember, although he did remember it had something to do with his trip to the Church’s Sanctuary out in the Rift. Gunthar’s mind focused on those memories. He remembered feeling the presence of the Dark Jedi, but didn’t at the time, know what it was. He felt it again now. He focused on that. It was here, empowered by the Rift, influencing the mutiny. He had to find the location of the presence, where the influence was emanating. Through him, it now knew their plan. It was using Gunthar’s ignorance against him. He find it. He let the power he felt flow through him; it became his guide…. outside, aft, on the hull. He reached for a ENVI-suit and scrambled up the airlock shaft to the “roof” of the command module.

He learned to deal with open space and Grav-boots when he had to clean the outer hull occasionally. He knew it well.


Somehow, the Turazza knew that a team was going over the top to try and take Engineering. He assigned Tanner to one of the aft turrets to shoot them as they came across. If he had to, he was ordered to walk out onto the ship’s hull and take them out in hand to hand. Somehow, Tanner was confident he could handle that. He sat in his turret watching over the hull, waiting for whoever might come. He was surprised when he saw Gunthar bounding over the hull, brandishing his club. This was going to be fun. He blew the emergency hatch on the turret and, in a ENVI-suit, brandished his blaster towards the large alien.

The blasts that hit Gunthar’s back took him by surprise. His spacesuit was good armor against the blasts. He unhooked two TD grenades from his belt, and line-drive tossed them towards his attacker. He pulled himself down to the hull for cover.

Tanner saw the two globes heading towards him, but it was too late. His service to the Turazza was over. Not quite… As the first of the TDs flashed, he reached for a remote switch he had been carrying around with him for a long time. This was his last ace. This was his final good bye… to everyone. The TD explosions were joined by several of the Farstar’s turrets erupting. As he felt the coldness of space gripping his body, the explosions tearing his space suit to shreds, he saw that not all the turrets had exploded. Damn, that Duros must have found some of his presents… more than he thought. His body was thrown far out from the Farstar, floating out towards the the gas giant.

The right side of the Farstar was now a smoldering inferno. The mutineers had taken over that hangar and now those that were there, had been killed when it was vented out into space. Repair crew loyal to the captain were already in space, attempting to keep the damage from spreading.

Gunthar recovered from the explosion and continued aft. Something stood floating above the aft hull; a humanoid shape. It looked like it was armored… it was the Mandalorian’s armor, missing his gauntlets. Energy bolts were forming it’s arms, and weapon. It was a sword of pure energy and the figure was coming towards him. He looked down at his club, and back to the arching energies of the “thing” coming at him. Voices were screaming in his head.

Die, warrior of the Yvara. You are nothing against us. You may have been bred to fight evil, but….

He grabbed from his belt two more TD grenades. It worked once… Bolts of energy were leaping at him, scarring his spacesuit. It wouldn’t be long before it would puncture. He tossed them towards his foe, not realizing it had advanced towards him and was lining up a swing of it’s energy sword. The grenades met with the surging blade with a flash. The explosion knocked Gunthar back, off the Farstar hull. He thanked whatever gods there were that he had a tether.

Moyato and his men were scrambling over the top just as the second explosion occurred. They all grabbed for hand holds as the ship was rocked once again. Moyato had given the order early to make their move, because of the explosion in the hangar. A third of the mutineers had been either killed or injured in that second, and he had to make his move then when they were weakened. He wasn’t prepared for another explosion. He caught a glimpse of Gunthar ahead, and something floating away in space, a figure of some kind in armor, and Gunthar angrily throwing his club at it. The figure tumbled away in space towards the gas giant.

Gunthar looked over towards the advancing Night Terrors. He took a deep breath, then walked with the Night Terrors to their objective; to take back engineering.


Thyte oversaw the retaking of his ship from the bridge. Scoryn and Thanis were battling it out straight up the middle, while two teams were working their way from the outside, top and bottom. He knew that the majority of casualties would be from Scoryn’s group. If she survived, he would personally see that she got a commendation.


Commendation were the furthest from Scoryn’s mind, as another blunt weapons was swung at her. Blaster clip had run out, and now everything had turned into a brawl, with everyone grabbing whatever they could to use as a weapon. Occasionally, the smart-few that reserved a few blaster shots would fire close range to drop a foe, but for the most part, it was chair legs, large tools, and bare fists that were the weapon of choice.

A very large piece of deck plating went sailing over her head, just as she felled another foe, this one unconscious. The plating pinned her leg down, momentarily when she dove out of the way. A nearby mutineer pulled a hold-out blaster he was apparently keeping in reserve, and pointed it straight at the sprawled security officer. She winced, realizing she had no time to react. She heard a blaster fire, but felt no searing pain. She looked up to see the attacker fall with a smoldering hole in his back, Thanis standing behind him with a smoking blaster.

“It was my last shot” he said

They both nodded to each other, Scoryn’s mind in a whirlwind, realizing who had just saved her life; the one man that hunted her down for so long, and has a secret that would effect some one in this crew forever. This only complicated things.


The battle for engineering was taking longer the Moyato planned. It was ransacked, with barriers set up, and fire fields lined up, almost professionally. Engineering was taking a beating. He and two others were pinned in a storage room, two others of his men were being cared for by medics inside the storage area. He could across and down to see two or three mutineers firing up at them, and across at more of the other team that had attacked from below. Across from them, in an alcove were several hostages, bound. A pair of furry tied hands extended out from the alcove, out in the open, followed by a furry face, looking back at him expectantly. Lofryyn. The Wookie looked angry and anxious. His engineering was being destroyed, and he couldn’t do anything about it. He must be enraged.

Moyato spoke to one of his men in his comlink; the sniper, who also saw Lofryyn. He gave the order to shoot. A thin well-aimed blast came out of seemingly-nowhere to strike the wookie’s hands….no, his bind around his hands. A horrific howl soon followed as the enraged wookie was set free. Mutineers were being thrown like rag-dolls all around engineering. Moyato made a note to recruit a wookie onto his team when this was all over.

As he watched the out-of-control wookie mow through the mutineers like weeds, he re-evaluated the mental note. To hard to control.


Genna was avoiding the chaos around her, working her way into the rear of engineering to where she last saw the Turazza. Her masquerade had worked for the most part, and as things seemed to suddenly become unglued, she took the chance to grab a hypo of poison, and seek out the Turazza. If things were going as badly as what she saw in the central corridors, killing the Turazza might be the only thing that would save this ship.

She turned a corner, and spotted Nizzal being escorted by three others towards the escape pods. Perhaps things weren’t as bad as what she thought, if the mutineers were abandoning ship. No matter, the lizard had to die. Too many people had died already. The three body guards were suddenly reduced to two when blasts from behind them took out one. Stun, thank gods, she found herself thinking. The other two took cover inside doors and behind bulkheads to fire back. Not on stun. Damn, she thought again. They pushed the Turazza onward towards her. The Turazza looked up commandingly.

“You must take me to a pod. The mutiny is over. I must rejoin with them…”

Sure, no problem, she thought. She said nothing however. Mimicking all who served her, she silently obeyed Nizzal’s commands without question. She also deftly injected the creature with the paralyzing poison before she knew what was happening. She first fell still, unable to move, and by the time they reached a pod, she was dead.


Thyte was finally getting good news back from the assault teams. Despite some casualties in the central team, the death rate was low. Injuries were heavy. He knew the Doc would not be happy when he got back, if he got back. It looked like they had taken back the ship. Forty plus prisoners, most of them injured. The crew would be diminished until they could recruit more, however it was apparent that something about the Outback was making recruiting from here less desirable.

What to do with the mutineers. They had no brig, to speak of. He was all for spacing them. According to all the laws he knew of, they were space debris, and he had every right to make them that. However, that would make him no better than Sarne himself. No time for a trial. He had no patience for that. He stared at a monitor that suddenly came alive. It was his first view into the damaged hangar that went up when the turret’s exploded. It was gutted. Nothing less than dry dock could fix it. For now it was just a dead area in the ship…. A perfect place to store the mutineers until he could figure out what to do next.

“Break out the space suits. Have all the mutineer scum put them on, and file into hangar bay two. Tether them together, and seal them in there. We’ll decide what to do with them after the Captain gets back.”


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