2.14: Wildfire: The Cure, & The Sleeper

2.14: Wildfire: The Cure, & The Sleeper

DS Day 179 – 206

Where :Uukaablis

The Farstar had a new mission. Much as Gorak didn’t like it, the Exocronians asked for their help. The virus was being held at bay with medical technology brought to them by a race called the Uukaablian. However, that would only put off the inevitable. It had already spread rapidly, and those who have it, fall into the Qek-induced coma or die. The virus was not airborne, so only one crew member was infected; Bifzik, who was in isolation. The captain was in isolation as well, pending the Doc’s surgery to remove the “thing” on the back of her neck. For now, a people needed saving. Sacrifice the needs of the few… Gorak could not believe himself. It has come down to this. An almost noble cause, and a nearly-unselfish act. And he was in charge.

The Uuklaablians knew of a man, who was once with the Qek. He was a hermit on their homeworld. He would not talk to anyone, especially Uukaablians. Only the Farstar crew could plead their own case to him.

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