2.18: Edge of the Galaxy – Dry Dock. Rock of Armageddon

2.18: Edge of the Galaxy – Dry Dock. Rock of Armageddon

DS Day 207 – 245

Where: Shantuun & Nah’Malis

Sarne had found his way across the Rift, and they had some leads to at least get the Farstar across. However, the Farstar was not prepared to take on the Rift, let alone Sarne, so it need a much needed repair stop, with time in dry dock. Even though it was giving Sarne a head start, it was also giving the New Republic enough time to mobilize the remainder of their forces. Sarne’s fleet was spread out now, and it was going to take to regroup. They also new that Sarne believed that the NR was going to take the long route across, and they were betting he was thinking he had time. They hoped they had enough time to surprise him, but if they didn’t, they at least hoped they could get all the NR fleet across the Rift for the inevitable head-on attack.

The New Republic had sent a fleet on an advance mission to find the Farstar, once it disappeared for a few days behind the Exocronian cloud. The Farstar met them at Shantuun for a much needed resupply and repairs. The route from Uukaablis to Shantuun was eventful, with the occasional encounter with pirates or slavers, but the seasoned Farstar crew was able to fend them off like tagara-gnats,

At Shantuun, the New Republic erected a field-dry-dock for the Farstar, and all worked day and night to bring the ship back up to reasonable space-worthiness. The damaged flight bay was repaired and resealed, however, they did not have the ability to replace the missing cannons. The Forsaken Star’s were supplied with 2 new X-Wings, and a pair of B-Wings. Samarion and Dervious were assigned as B-Wing pilots when their duties put them on the flight roster.

The repair and resupply took two long weeks, which gave Sarne more time than the Captain liked. She desperately wanted to leave, but knew that the ship wasn’t completely ready, especially if they had to go through portions of the Rift. She was even more disappointed when the New Republic doctors ordered her off duty for some study. She had to hand the ship over to Gorak while they tested her to make sure all of the Qek assemblage was out of her.

Intelligence came back about the Battle of Qek’Mas, the final blow to Chuborro’s organization. Also, the New Republic scientists had a theory about the Saran Dijara Sullustans; the Sullustans with the ability to get a ship straight across the Rift. With knowledge and technology they had gathered from the Gate at Oon Tien, the theorized a way to use a Saran Dijaran to get entire fleets across. They felt that Sarne was on the verge of this discovery, but needed more time. All they needed was one Saran Dijara Sullustan.

Near the end of the dry dock, long range patrols picked up a hyperspace disturbance that is only associated to a star going nova. When stellar bodies disturbed normal space in that manner, there was always an effect in hyperspace. This effect was usually detected before any other sign of the disturbance is detected. This disturbance was detected in the Rift. It was large enough that it could be detected in the Rift.

The Farstar left dry dock at full thrust, with systems near perfect. Their next stop was Danoor. They could only hope it was still there.


The short jump to Danoor was uneventful. Upon arrival, sensors picked up a world in shambles. Major populations centers were in flames, communication-control-command centers were radioactive slag. The planet’s surface was bright with flames visible from orbit. Debris of the few comm-satellites could also be detected. Not even the METOSP signal was broadcasting. The planet had been bombed very strategically. Imperial style.

Long range sensor then picked up a large stellar mass hurtling towards the planet. There was no way the planetary officials could know it was coming. All capabilities of detecting it were destroyed. This was too much of a coincidence.

To add salt to the wound, a fleet of alien ships were scavenging everything from the doomed planet, including people. Sensors picked up life signs cooped up in cargo vessels, while other cargo vessels filled to rim with stolen equipment, valuables, and anything else they could transport, were rendezvousing with a larger cargo vessel in orbit.

Their first task was to contact the planet. A very faint archaic radio signal was breaking through the EM-haze.

“Is anyone out there, we need assistance?”

“This is the New Republic Farstar, we are here to…” the comm officer tried to complete a sentence but was interrupted.

“Oh, I see… back to finish your comrades’ handy work? Well, bring it on. The Tugrah have taken most of our working planetary defenses….”

Gorak rolled his eyes. Not again.

Negotiations were hurried, and to the point. They seemed to be persuaded once they were informed of their situations. The asteroid hurtling towards their planet definitely persuaded them.

Gorak ordered a diplomatic team. Dervious, Moyato, some of the Night Terrors, Unda, Slave, Kl’aal, and Thanis were all ordered as escort for B’Dorbeck. Loh’Khar, Uluala and Dajus rounded out the group. They expected a trick, which is why the muscle of the crew was going with the diplomat.

Once the Diplomatic crew departed, the next goal was to stop the Tugrah and the asteroid.

The Edge of the Galaxy Story Continues…

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