2 days out and blah…

2 days out and blah…

About this time 5 to 10 years ago, I was excited and crazy busy with convention stuff.  I did not even have time for real work, I am ashamed to say.  My career took a back seat to my hobbies.  I was charged up, dealing with the stress of other people’s mistakes and lack of effort, while at the same time making my own mistakes.  Why?  All for the hope that one convention would have a great weekend and a majority of people would walk away with a fulfilling weekend.  That mattered to me so much!

I was building something!  Building a brand while at the same time a business.  Nope, it was not mine alone but I was putting a lot more than anyone else was.  My wife was behind me in everything I did and when she wasn’t, she gave me better options.  It’s something we had fun with and stressed about at the same time.  But the great weekend was all worth it.

Now, I am just blah about it.  I am not even looking forward to the gaming end of it.  I can’t be like this going in.  I have to change my attitude going in or I am going to have a worse weekend than last year.  I have to clear my head and go in with a professional positive attitude.  Professionally Positive!

I hope things will change, but right now, with all that is going on, I am not in a good place.

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