2007 Panther Season – Already a bust

2007 Panther Season – Already a bust

I have not said much about the Panthers this year because… well, what is there to say? I had so much hope for them in the beginning, with a new offense and new game plan. But here after week 4, I can not say that I have any hopes for the Panthers doing well this year. Their offense just looks like a little more of the same with only subtle changes and the defense which used to be one of the best in the league has no passion or energy behind it. My favorite defensive player, Julius Peppers, looks like a zombie on the field, with no passion or energy.

In most cases, I would say this is a building year. But we already had that. So what is it now? It`s just going to be a bad year, simple as that. Between the thrashings Houston and Tampa Bay served us, I would call this season over. Done!

Hopefully, my fantasy team will do better.

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