2015 Fall TV Season

2015 Fall TV Season

New shows and old ones starting back up.  Some favorites and some duds.  I have dropped cable so now I have to watch things differently – Hulu and digital antennae are my new methods.


I lumped these two together.  I thoroughly enjoy both shows for their own merits.  Arrow is headed down a new road with Mysticism being introduced in full force, while Flash is heading down the multiverse road.  I look forward to all this immensely.


This show really impressed me last season but I wasn’t sure where they were going to go with it.  It started out pretty gruesome and has continued to get better.  The most recent episode Scarification gave us an idea of where they are headed – the five families of Gotham.  Brilliant.  My biggest concern was they were going to overlap Arrow and touch on the League but now I like where they are going.  There is a lot of story potential going in that direction that won’t seem too similar to Arrow.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield

Watching this has become moderately painful.  Ever since Winter Soldier, it has tried to carry on the drab Hydra plotline that has just drug on.  I loved the concept of Hydra living among us but I think they wrote themselves into a corner because they is a major position of power that can not just fall just like that.  Did they really have all their eggs in the one basket?  I just could not buy into it.  I thought I was rid of that plot after last season but it is starting up again.  Terrible.  The only thing that interests me is the obelisk story.


I am a Supernatural loyalist now.  They have yet to completely jump the shark but they have come close.  This season is exploring the Darkness, which existed before Creation and God “imprisoned” by creating Light.  Evil thinks they can use it, but what they don’t realize yet is that it has no concept of Good or Evil.  What’s the point? Great concept!

Dr. Who

This continues to go downhill, with a few moments of hope here and there.  Overall, it is dumbed-down to the point that it is not Dr Who anymore.  It’s Dr What the F*ck!

Sleepy Hollow

This show was slowly losing me by the end of the last season.  Like Grimm, it was becoming a monster of the week show with a very weak story arch.

New Shows that had my attention for at least 4 episodes: Limitless, Minority Report, Quantico, and Blind Spot. Most of these I have more or less given up on because they have no drawn me in enough.  Quantico still has my attention but the others I won’t miss if I don’t see another episode.

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