A Crew Person’s Work is Never Done!

A Crew Person’s Work is Never Done!

by Ron McClung (former Wendy’s employee) – Something I wrote in high school, for English. Got an A on it!

“Good Lord,” grumbles I,
Gotta work at five.
Closing on a Saturday night.
Can’t someone else take this plight.

I gather all my Wendy’s blues,
After waking from a quick snooze.
Already I knew I was late.
“Why must I work here?” I ask fate.

Again Luis blows his top,
And Dave yells, “Get a mop!”
Already I anticipate my break,
While someone else yells, “There’s garbage to take!”

“Fry to the side!” yells Fred.
He yells it so much, I wish him dead.
“Welcome to Wendy’s,” mumbles Rob
As he rings up another single for some slob.

“We need chickens now!”
I turn to Bonnie and wish…POW!
Nadine and Shelly flirt some more
With every male that enters the store.

Minutes pass, customers come and go.
Sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow.
“Why me?” I stare at the sky.
Another rush and I’ll die.

Ther grill is barren
But I just keep starin’.
Throw some meat in its spot.
It falls with a resounding “flop!”

She’s seeing him, but he wants her.
Things go through Wendy’s in a blur.
Fred hated Ron, but now Ron hates who knows.
Wendy’s can be a soap opera TV show.

Someone likes Brenda I hear.
But she lves with another; Oh dear!
Luis kisses another jail bait on the neck,
While the customers are wondering, “What the heck?”

Work is like a plague.
It hurts your from head to leg.
Wendy’s is that way.
You wonder if this is your last day.

Another day, another backache.
NOw what was I supposed to make?
Well, we’re finally closed here.
When will I get home is my only fear.

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