A disturbing incident

A disturbing incident

I had a very disturbing incident happen today that I’d like to share.

I just recently bought a new car from Carmax in Pineville and discovered that I only had one key that worked with the car and the remote did not work. So I had to go back to get that taken care of. I did that this morning at 8:30 AM. For some reason it took nearly 45 minutes but I finally got what I needed and proceeded to leave Carmax.

I was part way into the parking lot when I noticed a woman I recognized from the waiting room behind a car towards the back of the parking lot. At that moment, I hear what sounded like a firecracker and saw a puff smoke from behind the same car originating from in front of her. She proceeded to freak out and ran off to Carmax screaming “He shot himself!!”

Reacting as fast as I can, I called 911 while walking towards the car. Behind the car was a scene I had previously hoped I would never have to see and hope I never have to see again. A man, apparenly someone she knew… perhaps a boyfriend or husband… about 30ish… had shot himself in the head and was laying in the parking lot.

There was no saving him. Dead on the scene. Cops arrived rather quickly (Pineville is a small town) and I had to stay to give a statement. Needless to say, I was shaken up and still am.

I ask you to pray for the woman who is obviously going to traumitized by this. I can not imagine what this was all about. The news has not covered this yet. I get the feeling it is being treated as jsut another shooting in Mecklenberg County.

It was a pretty freaky thing for this computer geek to see and hard to get over.

Thanks and I hope everyone else is having a better week than I am.