A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember

Another short story that either I wrote or one of my players, not sure.  Revised with new racial names.

Clikk tracks …

The Tor’Drani muttered as he studied the ground in front of the ransacked MEAR building. “We’re going to have an interesting night.
K’A’Sind motioned for his two companions to follow. Felix, the K’Dasi made a call for backup and then joined him, along with the Wen’tri,
Wizidil. The hunt was on. The question was: Who hunted who

After about ten minutes, K’A’Sind left his tracking to talk with the others. “Shit! Where’s Felix?” Not a trace could be found of the cat’s presence. “We’ll have to backtrack. He must have gone off on his…”

The Tor’Drani was cut short by a loud “Mreowrrrrr!” That was all it took.

K’A’Sind’s exoskeleton was moving him at breakneck speed towards the noise, though he knew even its speed wouldn’t get him there ahead of Wizidil’s teleportation. As he hurtled into the wooded area by the building, be began to see shadowy figures scuttling through the darkness.  A few times he thought he saw the gleam of a poleaxe as he passed. The clearing Felix’s yell had originated from was just ahead. The ex-Star Law Planetary officer hoped he wasn’t too late.

Just outside the clearing, the Tor’Drani launched himself into a tree. His battle plan didn’t include getting hit by a Clikk psi-axe. He pulled down his starlight visor and checked out the situation, .44 automatic in hand. Below him he saw a battered looking Felix hanging upside down and flailing madly, surrounded by Clikk. warriors. A few meters away Wizidil was rolling in the dirt with an alien. No hesitation. Gun, up, aim and fire. The burst from his weapon hit true, and blew leg from groin even as the monster whirled to face him.

As he reloaded, K’A’Sind caught a glimpse of Wizidil staggering back from an axe hit. Felix had managed to cut himself down and was holding his own against the Clikk, fur on end, and hissing all the while. Pity the Clikk. Even though K’A’Sind’s target wasn’t moving, he shot it again, splattering its bead everywhere. Can’t be too sure of a Clikk … dying when be’s supposed too …

Then a new threat entered the scene. A bolt of energy crackled past K’A’Sind, smashing the tree behind him. A familiar looking Security
Robot gone nuts tore through the clearing, shooting anything that still moved, adventurer and clikk alike. It opened a new path to the MEAR complex, and passed the melee, as if something else interested it more. Much more. “Oh gods, it’s Zeke” breathed K’A’Sind.

Then there was yet another explosion.

K’A’Sind the Tor’Drani jumped awkwardly from the tree to the ground in time to see Wizidil unsteadily standing before the burning body of the last clikk with a limp, smoking psi-axe in his paws. As the strange vapor coming from the bodies reached him, the Wen’tri stumbled. K’A’Sind’s was wary of such fumes and he was hearing strange noises of protest from his respirator. Time to go. He looked around just in time to see Felix the K’Dasi once again disappearing into the darkness. There was nothing for the Tor’Drani to do but groan and follow.
Yes, it would definitely be an interesting night.