Action Points

Action Points

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Action Points provide characters with the means to affect game play in significant ways. A character always has a limited amount of Action Points, and while he replenishes this supply every time he gains a new level, he must use them wisely because other opportunities to regain them are few and far between. He can spend one Action Point to do one of these things:

    • Alter a single d20 roll used to make an attack, a skill check, an ability check, a level check or a saving throw. When a character spends one Action Point to improve a d20 roll, add 1d6 to the d20 roll to help meet or exceed the target number. The player can declare the use of one Action Point to alter a d20 roll after the roll is made but only before the Games Master reveals the result of that roll (whether the attack or check or saving throw succeeded or failed). He cannot use an Action Point on a skill check or ability check when he is taking 10 or taking 20 (see the Skills chapter for further details).
    • Activate a Feat that requires Action Points to do so. See new Feats.


  • Force a successful check when trying to stabilize after being reduced to negative hit points. This act may result in the expenditure of more than one Action Point.


  • Automatically turn a Threat to Critical into a Critical Hit. This can be done once per target per combat session.

He can only spend one Action Point in a round. Depending on the character s level (see the table below), he may be able to roll more than one d6, or even larger dice, when spending one Action Point. If he does so, apply the highest result and disregard the other roll(s).

Action Point Chart

Character Level Action Point Dice Rolled
1st 7th 1d6
8th 14th 2d6
15th 20th 3d6

Starting Action Points

Player Characters begin play with a number of Action Points equal to half the character s Charisma score, rounded down. Thus, if the Player Character has a Charisma of 11, for example, he would begin play with five Action Points.

Regaining Action Points

Action Points represent the edge a character has over others due to experience, hunches and good old fashioned luck. While they can be vital in saving lives and succeeding in a mission, they do not replenish easily and a character can find himself stranded without an Action Point to fall back on. Getting Action Points back is not easy and it is not quick, but it can be done.

The first method of replenishing Action Points is automatic; they return fully at every new character level earned up to their (potential) new maximum. This happens instantly and, if the Games Master permits advancement in levels during a scenario, can allow a character to go from zero Action Points to a full pool simply by achieving a goal that puts his experience points past the threshold of his next experience level. This may be an excellent way of providing major rewards for accomplishing certain goals.

Characters can also regain Action Points for taking certain actions in game. These actions are up to the GM and can act as another way to reward the character. For example, a significant victory will restore one Action Point immediately.

Level Action Points Table

Level Action Points
1st Replenish, 1d6
2nd Replenish, bonus
3rd Replenish
4th Replenish, bonus
5th Replenish
6th Replenish, bonus
7th Replenish
8th Replenish, bonus , 2d6
9th Replenish
10th Replenish, bonus
11th Replenish
12th Replenish, bonus
13th Replenish
14th Replenish, bonus
15th Replenish, 3d6
16th Replenish, bonus
17th Replenish
18th Replenish, bonus
19th Replenish
20th Replenish, bonus