I am a snow trooper – a special forces soldier that specializes in arctic-type combat. But at times, there is a limit to what one man can do, no matter what kind or how much training he has had. We’ve been on this planet – Crydian 5 – for two tours as part of a campaign to take it from the enemy. Now they have brought in the toughest opponents we have ever faced – the perfect winter soldiers.

Two weeks ago, we first came in contact with them. They are like fish but aren’t fish. We call them snow-breathers or Snowbies for short. They are actually natives from the north pole of a planet called Dridian. They burrow deep in the snow – which on Crydian 5 is very deep – and literally breathe snow. They extract the oxygen from the snow water. THey could breathe off a snow ball for hours.

They carry very few weapons – a rifle (single shot), and a few blades. They prefer the blades. You can never see them on infrared. You never know they are coming. They have a thick rubbery skin layer that can take a serious beating. It is snow-white in color, making them near impossible to see. Their eyes are three black marbles forming a triangle on their white heads. I heard from some xeno-biologist friends that the bottom two eyes function much like our own but the top is like a sonar or special bio infra-vision.

Some believe they are genetic mutants, engineered for the situations. I don’t think so. Gen-soldiers have flaws and these things don’t have them. They are perfectly adapted. Man adapts through technology. Unfortunately, you can’t beat natural adaptation.

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