Additional Races

Additional Races

The following is the information for the additional races in Advanced Star Frontiers. When running this setting, I also allowed the basic races (Dralasites, Human, Vrusks and Yazirians). I would not be Star Frontiers without those. I also allowed for a few of the Zebulon’s Guide races (Humma, Ifshnit, and Osakars). I was not a huge fan of the Mechanon as a player character race but I did use a version of them as an NPC race (see the Evolved). Finally, I really liked the Saurians from Dragon Magazine, so they two were available to play. There were odd times that allowed custom races as well, but that was handled on a case by case basis.

It was important to me to distinguish between the various types of humans. I never got to write rules for it, but I wanted there to be a difference between the humans of the Frontier and the humans of the Sovereignty. Perhaps genetically or something like that. I also wanted to get into some transhumanism with various types of genetic strains of humans. The “pure strain” human as stated in early SF supplements implied there might have been “not-so-pure” somewhere.

There are also races included here that I wrote up but never got to play. In particular, there are the Creshian/Ecreshian, Frak’terian, Hol’taerran, Karian, Karidians, Orkra’an, and Sarginian. Some where inspired by general art I found in places while others were inspired by races I created in my writings.

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