Groups: Additional SF Corporations

Groups: Additional SF Corporations

Remis Warmachine Manufacturers

Alternate Naming Standard: RWM
Headquarters City: Gesere
Planet: Daladan Remis
System: Remis (Near the Human Sovereignty & the Frontier border)
Chief Exec: I'Liad Orm'Phos (Dara'Ilan)
Subsidiaries: Yasiard 'Mech Yards on Polomegan, Remis system
Primary Products: Heavy war-machines, battle-mechs, hover-tanks, artillery
MultiTech Manufacturers

Alternate Naming Standard: MTM
Headquarters City: Jara'Das
Planet: Hentz
System: Araks
Chief Exec: Gars Ussid (Yazirian)
Subsidiary of: Wartech
Subsidiaries: BOBTech
Primary Products: Multifunction equipment, compact field equipment and weapons.
Malliggig Enviro-engineering & Atmospheric Re-designers

Alternate Naming Standard: M.E.A.R.
Headquarters City:. Yados
Planet: Hakosoar
System: Scree Fron
Chief Exec: Oron Malliggig
Subsidiaries: none
Primary Products: Atmospheric Engineering apparatuses, planet engineering reactors, Orbital Atmosphere Surveyors See MEAR Internal Issued Weapons
 Greshide Hyper Dynamics Technologies

Alternate Naming Standard: GHDT
Headquarters City:. Ti'Talias
Planet: Furos
System: Greshide (Human Sovereignty)
Chief Exec: Jamefeld Yeardsly (Human)
Subsidiaries: None
Primary Products: Unique weapons and "combat enhancers"
Gyrodyne Systems

Alternate Naming Standard: GS
Headquarters City: Weelingsly
Planet: Headron
System: Dasid (Human Sovereignty)
Chief Exec: Kas Jerod
Subsidiaries: None
Primary Products: Powered armor, Powered armor weapons & addons, Raw materials for armor. See Sample GS product