Additional Skills & Feats (d20)

Additional Skills & Feats (d20)

SkillSourceClass Skill
ConcentrationD&D PHB pg 65Nbl, Scl, FA, JG
InnuendoD&D PHB pg 70Scl, Nbl, JC
StrategyAEG War pg 136Nbl, Sdr, JG
TacticsAEG War pg 136Nbl, Sdr, JG
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Skill Descriptions

Concentration [Con]

You are particularly good at focusing your mind.

Check: You can make a Concentration check to use a Force skill despite distractions, such as taking damage, etc. You can use Concentration to also maintain focus in the face of other distractions or on other things besides Force skills, like an engineering check while the ship is taking damage around you. You can also use to eavesdrop on others in a crowded scene.

A successful non-Force Skill use of Concentration negates any distraction penalties. Below is a list of types of distractions, their DCs and their penalties

DistractionConcentration DCPenalty
Taken Damage10 + Damage Taken-5
Heavy Combat
Multi-Tasking Situation (Engineer repairing a ship in combat)
Off Balance (or failed Balance roll)10-3

Focus Mind: Concentration also can be used in a distraction-free situation to gain a bonus for any skill that
requires concentration and focus. Any Force Skill could benefit from this skill, as well as most Professional or Craft skills, and also Computer Use and some Repair checks. If the GM deems the situation as one that would benefit from Concentration (not all situations do), the you can make a roll. Based on the following chart, you gain the following benefits:

9 or

Retry: In the face of distractions, a retry is possible. To Focus Mind, one free retry for every task is allowed. Further reties of Focus Mind require a Will save DC 10 (+5 for every failure after the second try).

Innuendo [Wis]

Trained Only

You know how to give and understand secret messages while appearing to be speaking about other things.

Check: You can get a message across to another character. The DC for a basic message is 10. The DC is 15 or 20 for complex messages, especially those that rely on getting across new information. Also, the character can discern information from a conversation between two other people using this skill. The DC is the skill check of the character using the Innuendo skill, and for each piece of information the eavesdropper is missing, that character suffers a -2 penalty on the check. Whether to send or intercept information, a failure by 5 means that some false information has been implied or inferred.

Retry: Generally, retires can be made when sending information, but not when receiving or intercepting. Each retry carries a chance of misinformation.

Special: If you have 5 or more ranks in Bluff, you receive a +2 synergy bonus when sending information. If you have 5 or more ranks in Sense Motive, you receive a +2 synergy bonus when receiving or intercepting information.

Strategy [Int]

Strategy is the art and science of war off the battle field. It is the ability to not just run a battle, but run a war.

When using battlefield strategies, the highest ranking person with this skill make the roll. This measures the overall strategy, planning and preparation the leader(s) put into the battle before it occurs.

Retry: No

Special: Commanders with Tactics skill or the Leadership feat, get a +1 synergy bonus to their Strategy rolls.

Tactics [Int]

Tactics represents the sum of the knowledge and techniques applied during the course of a battle.

When using battlefield strategies, the leader of a unit make a Tactics roll. This measures the tactics used in battle to overcome an enemy unit. It is compared to the enemy units Tactics roll to determine a winner or loser and casualties in Large Scale combat.

Retry: No

Special: Commanders with Strategy skill or the Leadership feat, get a +1 synergy bonus to their Tactics rolls.

In addition, new Feats

Meditation [Force]New
Psychometry [Force]New
Noble Title [Social]Fadins Suns d20 pg 101 **
LeadershipDMG 45

Meditation [Force]

A successful use of this feat allows the Force user to sense the path that the Force indicates is the best for that user.

Prerequisites: Force-Sensitive, Force Level 2+, Sense.

Benefit: If the user rolls a 20 + Current # of Force Points on a Con check or Concentration roll, he/she gains a force point. This can be attempted once per “day” (24 hour period), and the Jedi can not gain more than his level +2 in Force Points using this method with out gaining others threw actions.

If the user has 5 or more ranks in See Force Skills, he can add a +2 Synergy bonus to the roll.


You can pick up impressions of past events from inanimate objects.

Prerequisite: Force-Sensitive, Wisdom 15+.

Benefit: You can perceive past events by handling objects that were present at those event as though you were present. The perspective is the same as the perspective of the object’s wielder; you see, hear, and feel what the wielder saw, heard, and felt, but no more. You cannot, for example, read the writing on a computer screen if the object’s wielder did not. You do, however, gain an impression of the wielder’s emotions in regard to the event.

Using Psychometry is a full-round action, and requires a Sense Motive check. The DC depends upon the connection of the item to the events being reviewed:

**Noble Title [Social]

You were born a member of a noble family or have been knighted as a lord of a noble house

Prerequisites: Noble Level 1+ or any other class 4+

Benefits: You bear a noble rank, it’s title dependent on how many levels of this stackable feat you possess. Each successive level raises you in rank one title (see chart below). Can not be stacked multiple times at the same level.

It’s important to note that the title just doesn’t come to the noble for nothing. Something has to be done in roleplay earn the title. The GM must approve each time the player chooses this feat.

In addition, the noble gains +1 Diplomacy among other nobles, even of those of a rival house. This bonus is stackable as well.

Nobles have a right to impress any serf beholden to their house into temporary service. If killed in this service, the noble must pay a weregild to his family.

Special Note: The Noble class at 1st should get this Feat for free as a Class Starting Feat.

1st FeatKnight/Dame or Baronet
2nd FeatBaron/Baroness
3rd FeatCount/Countess
4th FeatEarl
5th FeatMarquis/Marquessa
6th FeatDuke/Duchess
7th FeatLord/Lady

D20 Advantage/Disadvantage System: Noble Birth – If the player chooses Noble Birth using the D20 Advantage/Disadvantage System, and spend more than 1 point in it, then he can choose a second Noble Title feat to go to Baron, if he so chooses.

House Rules


a) If you beat the Fort DC by 10+, you’re unaffected by the stun attempt.

b) If you beat the Fort DC by 5+, you still can make a move action, but not an attack action.