03.02 Rd6 Advantages: Material/Wealth

03.02 Rd6 Advantages: Material/Wealth

Equipment (1-5 points)

Acquiring basic starting equipment is something every player character can do as a normal part of character generation. However, this Advantage allows the character to obtain restricted, unusual, expensive, and/or alien equipment to use during the game.

Things that a character might purchase with Advantages include powerful weapons, prototype or military-issue equipment. Other things are available as well, but most characters will probably be looking for this type of stuff here. Expensive vehicles are also a popular choice – See Vehicles below. The table below gives you some idea of what sorts of equipment can be purchased with Advantage points.

Keep in mind that there are many good ways to Compensate for equipment – such as “Advantage Flaws,” “Criminal,” and “Debt.”

Equipment Value Chart

Point ValueEffect
1The equipment is just above standard, either in value or effect. A military-issue weapon of unremarkable power; a fairly expensive piece of non-combat equipment; above-average armor; a really nice object of value. Maximum credit expense should not exceed 20,000 credits in any case.
2The equipment is well above standard and is not normally available to even the less-general public. A military-only piece of equipment ; a very expensive piece of non-restricted (but still unusual) equipment; an object of extreme rarity and value. Maximum cost should not exceed 30,000 credits in any case
3The equipment is not available to any but a select few. Top-of-the-line weaponry or armor; a prototype piece of non-combat equipment; a one-of-a-kind object of value. Maximum cost is no more than 60,000 credits.
4*The equipment is not available to anyone else. A prototype or alien weapon; an artifact with strange abilities or powers; a legendary object of value. Max cost cannot be determined
*The gamemaster is encouraged to limit the occurrence of this option in his campaign. One character in the whole history of the campaign might begin the game with something like this – and the player better come up with a good reason why.

Money Management (1-Point)

The character has the knack for hanging on to money – or getting it when it is needed. While this should not be confused with the Wealth option, it can sometimes be more useful. Characters with Money Management always seem to have money for docking fees, minor repairs, replacement parts, etc. Essentially, what this 1-point Advantage does is let the character ignore the tedious bookkeeping for minor expenditures – as long as this doesn’t get abusive. However, when it comes to major purchases, the character is pretty much like anybody else. But if this character is roleplayed well, he should have a firm idea about how much money he should have, how much the characters should get for a job, and how much expenses should run.

Vehicle (1-5 points)

This option allows your character to begin the game with access to a vehicle (which type of vehicle is up to the gamemaster). The Advantage only costs one to 5 points depending on the importance of the vehicle to the setting and the power that it provides. Ships in a sci-fi setting might be 3 to 5 points where an air-car might be 1 or 2. A wagon in a fantasy setting might be 2 to 3 where a horse might be 1.

Wealth (2-5 points)

The character has a lot of money or negotiable funds. Wealth starts the character out with ready cash – but does not necessarily give the character access to everything he or she might want to buy. Unless a related Disadvantage or Compensation is chosen, Wealth is the result of good fortune, hard work, or a combination of both. As a general rule, two points of Wealth is worth 10,000 credits. The option may be purchased more than once – up to five times, in fact.


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