03.07 Rd6 Advantages: Supernatural Abilities

03.07 Rd6 Advantages: Supernatural Abilities

Psionic Powers (5 – 8 points)

For a full explanation of Psi in Star Wars and a table of Psi Powers listed there, go to Special Abilites: Psionic Powers

Latent Abilities (1-5 Points)

Latent Abilities is used when the player needs a little breathing roomn. The character can “reserve” an unspecified Advantage “to be determined” at a later time.

Later, the GM or the player may come up with something appropraite. If the gamemaster approves, the “Latent Ability” is replaced with whatever Advantage the gamemaster approved of. In the game, the character suddenly displays some ability or skill no one (not even the character) knew she had. From then on, that ability is part of the character.

Note that the point cost for “Latent Abilities” and the point cost for the Advantage “to be named later” should be the same. So the player decides how power the Latent ability should be initially, then the GM does some judgement work when the Advantage ability comes up. For example, a two point Advantage could actually be two one point Advantages (if preferred) and could be selected at different times. The point values must get GM approval, because the higher the Latent Ability is, the more imbalanced the ability could be later.

One exception to this rule is “Psionic Powers.” If a character wants to be a “Latent Psi,” then she can “find out” during an adventure by “giving up” the “Latent Abilities” and choosing the Psionic advantage. However, the character then has to purchase at a cost of 6 Character points per power, up to 2, to get 1D in the power. And this usually means finding a Psionic teacher who is willing to instruct the character.


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