Adventure 2: Immaculate Seduction Part 2

Adventure 2: Immaculate Seduction Part 2

I do not remember if I ever ran this or not, but I remember doing considerable research on it.  All I had was a copy of Mapquest software and it helped me fine this location.  I tried to call anyone in the area to get a map of the dam.  Back then, I am sure it seemed innocent but I bet I sounded like a terrorist. We didn’t have the convenience of Wikipedia or Google Earth.

WHERE: Hoover Dam & Reservoir, Ohio


Clues from Part 1 leads then to the Hoover dam and reservoir in Ohio.  What was once a place of leisure and relaxation, is now dominated by demonground. The reservoir is infested with mutated creatures.  The area is now overgrown with thick pine forests and thorn bushes.  It is heavily populated with twisted and warped creatures as well as a few dark minions.

The reservoir itself was a major source of water and hydro power for Columbus but is now long abandoned when the majority of the city and surrounding areas depopulated and moved to Pittshio.

Random Encounters: Forests

1 – Dire Wolves

2 – Slithers

3 – Saber-tooth Cat

4 – Manticores

5 – Spongies

Some closer to the dam will be warped by the Father – bio-cyber ware.

Random Encounters: Lake

1 – Slasher Fish – Small fish with razor sharp scales (but not teeth), attack in swarms, shredding flesh and eating the floating remains.  Damage: 2d6.

2 – Bloats

3 – Dragons (cyber-enhanced)


The Hoover lake area was a major lakefront property zone for years, with many expensive lake front  houses, docks and marinas of all types.  THe reservoir was a site of some top fishing tournaments.  With the onslaught of the Greater Depression, the area slowly was abandoned.  Those that hung around were unknowingly engulfed in the demonground of Northern Pittshio.  Now the expensive homes have been picked clean by brave outlaws or are residence for even braver wanderers.  Much of the land has been overgrown by a mutant spongy moss similar to spanish moss, that is acidics to the touch.

Recently, since the Corman device has been active, mutant creatures corrupted by the energies of Tharkold have been wondering the region. Giant Cybernetic Roaches, Cyber-enhanced Apeps and packs of occasionally cybernetic dogs.  The Lakefront is also home to a pack of Medusas, who were first to be corrupted by Father RazorFlesh.  They have cyber enhanced extendable tentacles.


Hoover Dam

Hydro-power station was shutdown and abandoned over a decade ago.  When the PCs arrive, despite the sign to the contrary, the power station is up and running.  The dam pumps are churning a considerable amount of power.

Inside there is:

Main Processing has been modified by the servants of Father RazorFlesh (corrupted ETs and Medusas).  Many additional thick pipes and conduits have been added creates a much thicker maze of winding water works.  The generators are controlled by a massive ET tech computer corrupted by Tharkold tech.  This entire system was built to power the prototype Corman Device, which allows Father RazorFlesh to influence this Core World.  The device is stored in the main control area of the Dam. Main processing has some offices and catwalks over looking the next 2 levels to the processing floor.

Pipes – Some pipes are not actually pipes but are living creatures much like mimics.  They act as sentinels for the facility.

The next level down, L2, is move catwalks, elevators, and piping.  The last level, several meters down is the main turbine/generator area with the most dense piping and the most dangerous creatures.

Each level is guarded by creatures of the dark and demented corners of Tharkold as well as some corrupted dark minions.

Ground level – Necros (pg 78, Tharkold sourcebook). Cybered Ravager (pg 80)

Necros are small flying animals that resemble a cross between a vulture and an armadillo. They usually gather in flocks of six to twenty. They are carrion, consuming the remains of animals and people killed by other predators or dangers. They differ from other carrion in that they help future
meals meet their demise, without ever directly attacking them.

Necros are intelligent and cunning creatures. If characters are wandering through gang-held territories, necros screech and wheel around gang hangouts, leading gang members back to the characters. They awaken sleeping predators when prey enters their territories.

They cluster at one branch of an intersection, knowing that people’s normal aversion to necros might prompt them to take a different, more dangerous branch. Necros are clever enough to reverse this procedure every once in a while, clustering around  the safest path.