Adventure 4 – Wasters of Goridus 14

Adventure 4 – Wasters of Goridus 14


The HLA have made significant advanced against the Shatrats of Point Bren and Fleet.  This has drawn great concern from Fleet.  The Fleet agent they were sent to find resurfaces and contacts them instead.  He needs their help getting the Shatrat leader out of HLA custody and back to Fleet to stand trial.  There is a hefty bounty on his man’s head.

WHERE:  System: Goridi.  Planet: Goridus 14 (moon of the gas giant Goridi 2, a dozen or so light years from Vantage Point)

The Shatrat leader – Cror Sandelien – is held in a prison camp on Goridus 14.  Secretly, various factions like the HLA and other terrorists groups supply slave labor to the waste treatment plant on the plant.  The corporation running the plant is called Goridis EnviroTech and they are secretly owned by a crime syndicate in the core.

The waste comes from other industrial plants on the moon and other moons around the gas giant.  Considerable chemical refining is done in this system by many corporations.  The Goridus 14 waste treatment plant is a huge mass driver that launches the waste into the systems star in huge cargo containers.  The waste is pumped into large pits where it is later pumped into the cargo containers.  Once fully loaded, the waste is launched into the star.  Sometimes it makes it, other times it doesn’t.  No guarantees.

The plant is not well maintained.  It is staffed by the lowest level thugs of the organization, outcasts of the crime syndicate.  Some HLA work with them as well.  They are collectively called the Wasters of Goridus 14.

Plant is located in the northern most point of Goridus 14 – coldest of the cold.  The terrain is treacherous, littered with huge glaciers as well as huge cavernous ice fissures.  Very little lives in this region of the planet, other than a flying creature called the Sleeti – white ‘dactyl like creature that feeds on fish on the coastal regions.

Many Brodie prisoners were sent to this camp, after the HLA took over Vantage Point.  A Brodie resistance group has formed and is looking for an opportunity to free the slaves.



There is a network of pipes under the ice which runs all over the planet.  Some are used while others have long since been shutdown.  There is not existing map of the pipelines.  There are also rumors of mutant creatures roaming the abandoned pipes.  It has only been maintained by a declining robotic maintenance system.

The resistance commonly uses the pipelines but has never been able to find a way into the plant, until now.  They have found a map of the old secret Brodie facility and think that it links to one of the pipelines going into the plant.  They have to dig into the older parts of the facility, make it through the facility to the pipeline link. (See Enigma below)


The resistance operates out of an old Brodie installation – the Moskum Del Research Facility – long abandoned.  They have explored only a small portion of it because much of it is sealed off by cave-ins and ice.  In reality, it is an old Chromrittern research facility, primarily focusing on finding a means to lengthen the life of the cybernetic soldiers.  They had a prototype system that would transfer the mental essence of a human being into a fully cybernetic shell.  Several warbot prototypes were built with copies of one chromritterns essence.

The base was abandoned after the facility was attacked by a Fringer group.  A resultant accident caused a massive burst from the Essence Transfer Aparatus (ETA).  Anyone within a few kilometers had their essence stolen and transferred to the nearest robotics intelligence.  Some made it, other made it partially while others did not make it at all.  Some were completely transferred ending in a completely self-aware unit while others ended in total cyber-psychosis.

After the attack and the accident, the facility was buried under ice and snow.  The “possessed” automatons still roam what remains of the hallways, insane and psychotic.  The Mastermind is the leader of the largest faction of these possessed robots.  He has created a hive mind of insanity, controlling some of the more dangerous robots.   He knows all that they see and hear.  He is located deep within the facilities main computer core that is contained in a hardened bunker.


Brodie used bolter alien tech in the ETA.  This is one of many secret research facilities throughout the region.

OPTION A1 – Aliens Return

The bolter aliens return to get the tech.  Something could happen if and when the PCs uncover the rest of the facility that sends a signal to a nearby scout.

OPTION A2 – Hykosian Tech

The tech also involved Hykosian tech like similar to the tech in the Spheres.

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