Adventure: A Few Good Men

Adventure: A Few Good Men

Again, another incomplete adventure idea I wrote for Reich Star.


Captain Jonathan C. “JC” Terrence is a wealthy German-American with documented Aryan heritage.  He is looking for a few good men (and women).  His wealth is based in an inheritance which he has invested heavily in various government contracted industries.  He has prospered from it greatly.  Up front, he is a loyal party member and citizen of the Reich but behind the extravagant parties and social events with the local Nazi Party members, he has a deep hatred for the Reich and Germany in general.  His family is a long line of collaborators and he uses that to his advantage.  No one truly knows the root of his hatred or how deep it goes.

JC has big plans and has chosen the last few months of the current year to execute them.  Prior to this year, he hired of group of hackers to obtain a complete list of all peoples within the AAU(and eventually the World) that the Nazis deem as “dissidents of the state.”  He helds such a prominent position that no one suspected anything.  In actually, his plan twas to build a new resistance network with these as his main recruits.  The PCs just so happened to be on this list and were personally invited to a party at his mansion in Moscow.  It is October 1.

The party is something he hosts every year about the same time for the Gauliten of Moscow.  Many Nazi officials and SS are present. The PCs receive an invitation that they are to show at the door, along with the false credentials.  They are instructed to go to the North Wing Bar and order a Red Russian.  This will signal the bartender to alert JC of their presence.  They are handed a drink with a napkin, on which is a map to a secret meeting place in the mansion’s basement.  They are instructed to place the napkin in the drink once they memorize it.  The napkin will dissolve and they are to drink it.  (It is harmless).  The map brings them to a bathroom, in which one stall is red.  The map said to stand in the red stall one and a time and an elevator will take them to the room.

Along with JC, are two Russian citizens – Dr. Wolfhund Rosterheim, a dentist and Dr Adolf von Schmittenheim, a physician.  Both are connections to a weapons network within Moscow.

Timeline of Important events that the resistance can act on.  JC has picked several events that he would like to effect on.

Oct 3 – Governor of Atlanta visits Paris

Oct 6 – Troop transport of 5000 shock troopers move from Berlin to an outside province for “peacekeeping”

Oct 14 – New Prototype of Messerschmitt Me-983 Stealth fighter demonstrated in Warsaw.

Oct 16 – Governor of Atlanta visits Madrid

Oct 22 – Ukrainian governor and cabinet meet with the Fuhrer in Berlin at his mansion.

Oct 25 – Freight Transport to Mars takes off with needed supplies

Nov 9 – Minister of Propaganda visits Washington DC.

Nov 11 – Minister of Police visits Berlin for SS Training academy graduation.

Nov 12 – The Fuhrer visits shock trooper training camp in Berlin to observe a new type of shock trooper demonstration.

Nov 15 – Sea transport of dissidents and slaves leaves Cover enroute to Wilmington, NC (AAU).

Nov 20 –  Troop transport of 10,000from Prague to Budapest and then onward to Kiev as part of a relocation of peacekeeping forces and re-staffing of some re-education camps.

Nov 25 – Space Shuttle Südlichenstolz launches from Canaveral AAU bound for Luna with military cargo.

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