Adventure: Atlanta Project

Adventure: Atlanta Project

This is a short summary of an incomplete adventure outline I was writing for Reich Star.  I have no idea what the “project” was supposed to be, however.


The PCs are Tower agents.  The Tower wants the PCs to investigation why the Reich is collecting world-renowned scientists and diplomats and bringing to a facility west of Atlanta.  The PCs are supplied with falsified credentials to get into the facility, as well as contacts within the facility.  These scientists and diplomats are all working on a single mysterious project.  They are to meet an official government transport in Atlanta under their false names. The PCs needs to gain access to the facilities data systems and obtain any intelligence on the project.


Several factions also have interests in the region and/or with the project and act as Pushes and Pulls into the Adventure.

  • The America Strong, America Proud (radical) resistance group has interests in the project too.  They feel that the Tower and resistance group like it (American Patriots League, for example) don’t do enough and ASAP feels like they can do better.  They are a very “competitive” group.
  • The Empire also has interest in the project and has a spy within the facility.  She could act as an ally for a time or an adversary.  She is a hispanic woman posing as a linguist.
  • The Gestapo in a joint effort with the Geheimdeinst act as security for the facility and filter all staff.

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