Adventure: Eternity’s Trail

Adventure: Eternity’s Trail

An adventure idea I never got to run.  Not really sure where I was going with it but it sounded cool.


After hitting hard times, the PCs are pitched a deal by a somewhat shady character who says he found a treasure and he needs a crew to take him to it.

His Pitch: Jarok says he is a Zeenarch who has been following a series if related finds.  These finds seemed unrelated in the beginning, separated by hundreds of light years, but through clues only he was able to spot, he found a relation between them.  These finds are elaborate monuments, all much different from each other but similar in very subtle ways.  The first two were not studied  close enough to make the connection, but once he and his colleagues found several more, they began to notice the similarities.

Jarok began an intense study of the artifact and the sites they were on.  He learned much about the aliens that created them, realizing they were nomads of sorts.  Each monument was built on a dead world, he says, perhaps in hopes of preservation.  Each one is well crafted, each based on some alien concept.  The following are some facts he found:

  • All monuments are the same volume of material.
  • All were made from a local material
  • All are matter of days apart in age.
  • Each were made by the same culture
  • There seems to be a common theme among the monuments – representative of their experiences upon visiting the planet.

His conclusions lead him to believe that these monuments lead to a wealth of alien treasure.  He drew this conclusion when he programming a holo-sim to simulate the rotation of the galaxy and plotted each of the known monuments.  With the sim running, the monuments through a complex mathematical equation, lined up perfectly to show an apparent flight plan. As a result, two more monuments were found.  It took him a while to calculate the final few, but he is now forming a new scout team to hunt down the last monuments and finally the treasure.  He is willing to split the expected huge bounty from the treasure.


Basic: Jarok did not come up with the theory at all.  His name is actually Kamel Dyscelro and he was onboard the research vessel of the real Zeenarchs – lead by Rusk Malrosia – when they discovered the connection.  Jarok/Kamel stole their research with hopes of finding the treasure before they do.

Advanced: The monuments were made by an alien race known as the Cseid (pronounced “side”).  THey were feared and ruthless imperialist species, conquering many worlds.  At the time of the time of the monuments construction, they were on a savage crusade based on their own manifest destiny.  THey destroyed many “heathen” civilizations and left monuments in their place.

Possible Worlds (linked to past adventures)

Bregon, Hunt World IV, and Vantage Point.

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