Adventure Ideas from Ken

Adventure Ideas from Ken

This is a series of plot ideas given to be by Ken sometime ago for the Classic version of Reich Star.  Many of these can be converted to Savage Reich Star by simply keeping it in the solar system.

Escape from Inferno – After being captured on their last mission, they are transferred (by accident because traitors are usually executed) to an offworld labor camp.  This camp is in a uranium mine on a newly discovered world.  No one has ever escaped this camp before.  Radiation is a constant threat, killing laborers regularly (which explains the need for more labor).  Heat fatigue is a way of life on this world.  The sadistic SS-Totenkopfverbände and their kyberhunds make it a sport to guess who will die first and the one with the highest bets are usually put through the worst of the labor. A plan is hatched with other prisoners to escape.  All able bodied laborers devise a do or die plan to finally escape Inferno.

Relics – A smuggler or crime lord sells the PCs (in a resistance cell) old or obsolete weapons (perhaps meant for the Reich incinerators).  However, they are double crossed in the deal.

Just Say No – The PCs discover a covert drug-running operation that is secretly funded by the geheimdienst.  It is a pyramid scheme in the end, and those at the bottom are reported to the polizei or Gestapo as part of a propaganda scheme to show the government is doing something about the drug problem.

Castaway – The PCs are resistance agents with a interstellar capable ship.  After landing on a remote uncharted world (for repairs, hiding out, scouting for a new base) in the polar region, they discover the remains of a Me-981B Gespenst starship.

The interior of the craft has been crudely cannibalized and the pilot missing. Faint power readings point northward to something mysterious.  Through an animal encounter, the PCs subsequently discover a ventilation shaft.  This leads to a top secret Imperial outpost.  They find the mutilated remains of several Imperial soldiers as well as the Reich pilot (captured in their hold).  A small cache of weapons and equipment are also found (Imperial origin).

As another cold night falls, a blizzard blows in, forcing the PCs to restore power to the outpost.  This awakens a powered down (malfunctioning) N-34 Bushido android who believes any human being is a member of the Reich.  It will attempt to kill the PCs covertly.

Under City – The abandoned NY subway could be part of a secret resistance HQ.  Above is a post apocalyptic world of scavengers, mutants and homeless.  Amateur archeologists may also be roaming the surface, in search of any relic of the classic American era.

Long live the King: The PCs discover or otherwise get involved with a plot to restore the Hohenzollern prince to power (Prince August Wilhelm III).  His ancestors ruled the Second Reich.  The Italians may be involved as well (blood relation).

Raid:  A raid on an IG Farben or Krupp factory or mining colony to free slaves.

Ahnenerbe: Ahnenerbe is the SS controlled Ancestral Heritage Office.  It was originally created by Himmler to search for early German relics and for evidence that Aryans were descended from a superior race (Aliens or Atlantis or both).

Doppleganger:  While on another mission, a member of the PCs cell become separated from the others and “blacks out.”  Later, the PC has regained consciousness and in wandering around not far from where he was last.  Just a dizzy spell.  In truth, the PCs has been replaced by a anthromorph replicant programmed to act exactly like the PC (to the best of the creators’ knowledge.)  However, the replicant program will kick in a few missions later (Order to ???). Meanwhile, the other PCs may get word of a captured colleague and mount a daring rescue, not initially knowing it is the replicants real twin.