Adventure: Improvements

Adventure: Improvements

This was an idea I developed based on a short story I wrote.  I never got the chance to run it.


The PCs are contracted by a government or corporation to investigate the circumstances behind the desertion of a special military unit.  This unit is special because it was a prototype cybernetic and gen-gineered project.  The employing organization was using semi-intelligent creatures called Glemmodians as subjects of questionable research.  It also involved cutting edge cybernetics as well as bio-tech computers.  Their hopes were to take advantage of these creatures natural prowess and size in combat, while at the same time enhance many of their abilities with the tech, to create the perfect soldier.


The unit was lost on a colony world, in a remote area designated specifically for testing.  Reports have come from the colonies of sightings  and some attacks from large heavily armed creatures.


The Glemmodians were once an advanced war-like race that an “elder” or ancient race chose to “devolve” back to its base instincts.  Adding all the tech and bio-engineering re-awakened the original Glemmodian intelligence.

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