Adventure 0: Mary Way Rigel & David.

Adventure 0: Mary Way Rigel & David.

This is the first set of notes – beginning of the first adventure – for what became the main DC campaign I ran.  This is the start of the Sethifer Vs Rahweh Saga, that then evolved into the Tharkold campaign.


Mary Way Rigel – half-ET/half-human female with extreme empathic ability to open dimensional teleportation.  Dimensional Walk – but no control over it.  It is triggered , normally, by her brother.  She needs to find him.

David” – Human half brother to Mary Way, an emotionally disturbed empath. Twelve years ago, he disappeared from his home, stolen from his bed by ETs after they became aware of his empathic potential.  They were not  aware of his emotional instability, however.   His ability has forced any normal level of emotional stability and made him suicidal.  When the ETs made him “immortal,” it unleashed his empathic power.  All the ETs involved were compelled to kill themselves, overcome by David’s uncontrollable empathic Project Emotion.  He projected the only emotion he knew – “I want to die!”

He now travels the badlands of Dark America, leaving a trail of death, unable to kill himself.

The PCs enroute to a new job in Ohio.  They run into a cultic ritual on an old suspension bridge spanning a large deep sludge-filled river.  The Cult is in the process of sacrificing a female to their new god – a hungry Wil-o-wisp.  The PCs interrupt the ritual and are assaulted, first by a rain of rocks and other makeshift thrown weapons.  If any weapons are used by the PCs, the Cultist attacked with heavier arms.


Mary Way is the sacrifice victim.  PCs should feel compelled to save her.

MIBs: Mary Way is being chased down by Men-in-Black.  To follow any combat, the MIBs will follow up and try to take her using a silenced helicopter and several MIB commandos.

GATE: Once out of harm’s way, she will seem to awaken from a daze, wounded, and in need of care.  The PCs should take her aboard their vehicle with the intent of taking her to a hospital in Pittshio.  While travelling there, she triggers a dimensional gate that takes them to Indiana, in the middle of a grassy field.

The dimensional gate should intrigue the players enough to learn more about her.  She will awaken after a horrible nightmare, which she empathically shared with a player.  She will then explain the story of her search for her brother.

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