Adventure Notes: Talmage Machine

Adventure Notes: Talmage Machine

Pascuali Talmage and his wondrous machine.


Miskatonic University, 1920s

At the Miskatonic University Science fair, a local scientists that occasionally speaks at the university reveals an unusual and mysterious contraption – something he called The Talmage Machine. His presentation was submitted totally last minute with very little fanfare.

At the fair, Talmage is like a circus showman, making claims of amazing wonder. The contraption looks like one-part church organ and one part steam engine. As a small crowd gathers, he begins his presentation. As he proceeds, more and more gather.

He demonstrates the Talmage machines amazing math calculation ability. It can solve any math or calculus problem. But not only does it solve it, it solves with a verbal responses and receives through audio commends. Talmage literally speaks to it.


(The idea was that Talmage explored alien technology that he probably should not have experimented with, and creatures from beyond are returning to get it back.)