Adventure: Scales Unbalanced

Adventure: Scales Unbalanced

This is the basics of an adventure I started to write after coming up with the idea of Libra.  I have re-written it with Savage Reich Star options.


PCs are members of the Ragnorok or some associated faction (or Tower agents implanted within Ragnorok).  They have been assigned to assassinate an important figure within the Empire.  The target is a Reich grauleiter Melvin von Opvinheister.

  • Classis RS: Opvinheister is the grauleiter of a district on Wotan that contains a number of Asian-descended Riech citizens.
  • Savage RS: Opvinheister is the grauleiter of a former Imperial asteroid colony recently taken over by a Reich corporation as part of a trade.

Opvinheister is visiting Erde to negotiate with another Reich corporation for a new factory in his district/asteroid.  The location is a major Reich city.

The plan to assassinate Opvinheister will involve a complex series of events that the PCs will be only tangentially involved with.  They will only be told that they will find Opvinheister at X location at Y time.  Once they arrive, they should find Opvinheister and two body guards waiting.  They will have to deal with all three.  


Upon the PCs first attempt at an assassination, they will find that the target along with his bodyguards are already dead.  As they arrive on the scene, they are quickly followed up by a team of Gestapo agents and armed soldiers.  Appearing like a setup, they must escape the Gestapo.


Motivations to continue onward depend on the groups.  being wanted by the Gestapo may not be a major thing to the PCs.  They may already be.  However, their faces are all over the networks, so lying low may be a choice.  Until then, they will be on the run from the Gestapo.  If that is not enough of a motivation, then a RSHA or Abwehr agent can make an offer to the PCs – find out who really did assassinate Opvinheister and he will clear their names.

Through various encounters, they will discover the existence of Libra and perhaps through strange circumstances, are forced to ally with their agents.


Libra has an interest in Opvinheister as well.  He is working for several factions and playing all sides for his own benefit.  Covertly, he is working with Tower and various sub-factions within the Empire to distribute intelligence and arms to Tower cells and their allies.  This represents a disruption of balance in the Cold War and any disruption is unwanted by Libra.

Optional:  Unbeknownst to Libra, the Reich is using Opvinheister to distribute weapons rigged with tiny trackers that their drones can find to take out the cells.

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