Adventure: Tatooine Pit Fighers

Adventure: Tatooine Pit Fighers

This is a one shot adventure that I wrote for Star Wars d6 that I think I ran at a game day or a early MACE or StellarCon, but I don’t remember for sure.  It was inspired by actions taken within the play by email game we were running during the Dragon Wars campaign.  I really felt this was a pretty good adventure and if I was into Star Wars, might run it again.  Obviously, the parasitic creatures called the Grisod were inspired somewhat by the Stargate goa’uld.


Each PC will either work for Khitan’s Axe or know those who do.  They will be a part of the Khitan’s Axe cell on Tatooine. Cast:  Cexandre “Vamp” Eller (Axeman, Mercenary/Pit Fighter, NPC), Wicoen “Zinger” Lumley (Axeman, Mercenary), Kenneth Marcott (Pit fighter coach, Ex-Imperial), Wer Ukadep Ul (Rodian, Rebel Sympathizer), Koral Morsly (Pit fighter, friend to Roth), (Force Sensitive Character)

The PCs are hired to help Vamp (NPC, works for Khitan’s Axe) find out who killed her fiance – Roth.   The PCs will also provide protection for her while she infiltrates the syndicates. Vamp will provide enough information to start out with the investigation.  PCs will get involved with the Tatooine Pit Fighting underground.  Generally, they will deal with Jabba the Hutt, other crime syndicates and maybe an Imperial entanglement. The start of the adventure will be in the middle of a Pit Fight.


Location: Mos Eisley Pit fighting ring where Jabba and Fortuna oversees the fights. Vamp had to make a deal to fight in the pit in order to find information on her fiance’s murder.  She agreed.  After the fight, she told the PCs that they have plans to meet someone – someone named Digger.  She is in the middle of her pit fight when the Imperials raid.  During the raid, there is an assassination attempt on Vamp by a sniper.  PCs should spot the assassin and give chase in the chaos.

Raid & Assassination Attempt:  The assassin arranged an Imperial Raid on the pit fights, calling in a tip about possible rebel activity there.  He is using it as a distraction to kill Vamp.  The PCs can spot him after he attempts to shoot her once (and misses).  They can give chase, if they so choose but will have to battle through the Stormtroopers to get him (and shooting them is tantamount to being a Rebel, proving the raid was legit).  It will turn into a speeder bike chase through Mos Eisley.  The assassin – a radical cultist from the Blades of Blood – will kill himself before being captured.


Meet Someone (Location: Mos Eisley, some random cantina):  Vamp wanted to meet with a man named Dig Herfreel, along with the PCs.  He is an underground insider  and has information related to who killed Roth and a related secret society called the Blades of Blood.  They are two meet him at a specific Cantina at a specific time. They will meet at the right place at the right to and not find him.  They will get information from the bartender that Dig was there and he left out the back.  They find him dead in the back alley with a red blade in him. They find leads to his current residence.  {The red blade is the Blades of Blood call sign}

Diggers Place (Location: Mos Eisley, apartments): A small flat apartment in the sleazier side of Mos Eisley.  Digger was a slicer and a information broker that apparently knew too much.  He was a notorious conspiracy nut and paranoid.  When they arrive, they will find it ransacked and Blade assassins are there. {FIGHT}

After the battle with the assassins, they will find clues that will point them to the Blades, the identity of a Zeearch (xeno-archologist),  and the location of an ancient dig in the desert. (see GIMMICK).


The Blades of Blood see themselves as a “Ninja” like order that are always trying to improve on the combat abilities, to make them the best assassins in the business.  They are very radical about their styles of killing and learning alien combat techniques.   Their deity is a god of death from a long lost religion and they believe that this life is not a real one, and that death releases those who need to move on to the Real Life.

They learned of an xeno-archeological find made by an infamous Devaronian treasure hunter and Zeearch, named Tralt Chein.  Roth apparently worked with Chein.  This find is deep in the desert, on what was once a temple presumably built by the predecessors of the Tusken Raiders.  Chein is a notorious scoundrel and mercenary, always selling out to the highest bidder.

This temple shows that at one time, the pre-Tuskens were contacted by an alien race called the Grisod.  This alien race is of particular interest to the Blades, as their deity came from that alien race’s pantheon.  Information {perhaps an ancient book} was found at this sight and is said to hold some secrets to the Grisod.

Roth and Digger were friends and were working outside of Chein’s circles to make a little more money.  Digger was secretly helping translate some of the writing and glyphs found at the ruins.  Something in the translation seemed to concern Digger who tried to contact Roth (who had returned to the dig).  Found in the files of his systems is one translation that reads “ultimate power.”  He grew concerned that this might draw the attention of the Empire.

Digger strongest concern revolves around two artifacts – a book and a gem resembling a large black pearl.


Location: Remote Tatooine Desert, xeno-archeologist site

The PCs will obtain the location of the dig from Digger’s computers.  The Zeenarch compound consists of a bunch of tents (camouflaged), a few cargo containers, a single speeder-truck, a landing field for a shuttle (which is not there right now) and the dig site which is on the side of a large cliff  on the north side (much like Montezuma Castle Cliff Dwelling in Arizona).

As the PCs arrive (by however means they can find), they will find that the compound is under attack by Tusken Raiders (sacred ground to them).  Tralt Chein and a small group of assassistants are fending off the raiders with small arms.  The Raiders are using melee and ranged (slings) weapons with considerable ferocity and accuracy.  Their Banthas can be seen about 100 meters to the south of the camp.

The Blades should be on their way as well, to make their attack to steal the artifacts found.  The PCs need to decide how they are going to approach things. What side are they on? S ave the Zeenarchs and warn them of the Blades?  Wait things out?  Sneak in and take the artifacts themselves?  There are a number of options.


The Grisod

The Grisod are an ancient, long-thought dead species who resemble Tusken raiders in gard (Black cloaks and masks).  They are force users that use energized gaffi-sticks like lightsabers.  However, there is more to them than most know.

The Grisod are actually a force-sensitive alien parasite creature that latch onto any sentient humanoid to vampirically feed of their connection of the Force, but in return giving the victim long life and health.  The process of attaching the snake-like beings is painful and tortuous, however.  It involves strapping the host victim to a rack-like apparatus and inserting control rods into the skull (the Tusken head spikes) – to cause extreme pain.  The Grisod found that at these levels of heightened pain, their force sensitivity is increased.  The Grisod parasite violently wraps around the spiles and burrows into the base of the skull.  To hide all of this, the head of the host is wrapped in cloth.

The Grisod vanished a long time ago on a planet long forgotten. It is said that an early force-using order like the Jedi wiped them out.  In truth, however, the black pearl holds many Grisod larva in stasis. The book tells the story of the Grisod and how they reached new levels of power and force-using abilities through pain and discipline. The Blades believe they can reach their god through what they can learn from the book and what is contained within the black pearl.

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