Adventure: Trojan Horse and other ideas

Adventure: Trojan Horse and other ideas

Incomplete ideas I was throwing together.

Trojan Horse


An alien race  encounters an Inner Frontier colony and begins to secret negotiations with the local government.  The colony could be:

  • A neglected fringer group that has ill feelings towards the Consortium and Fleet
  • Two warring fringer factions

Two Warring Factions:  PCs could be a part of one or sent in to retrieve lost personnel ofa  corporation.  If the PCs are part of one side, they first hear there is a possibility of peace or victory.  The war has depleted both sides supplies and the alien encounter has brought in the potential of new supplies.


The government announces first contact with the aliens and what they are offering.

Remnants of War

(inspired by the movie Screamers 1995).  Players investigate something about a planet – lost patrol, strange scanner readings, prospecting potential.  In doing they discover the remnants of an ancient alien war – unseen alien war machines (like the Screamers in the movie, alien AI weapons, or a bio weapon).

Ancient Air

A world terraformed by ancient aliens millennia ago (unbeknownst to the colonists now living there) is slowly dying.  The engineering  behind the terraforming is failing and things are changing on the planet at a rapid pace.  Eco-terrorists are blaming the colonists and the mega-corporations behind them.  The locals want to know why.   The planet is slowly reverting back to its original environmental state as the hidden alien terraforming engines fail.


An alien hive-minded micro-organism infect other living beings like a disease – the “possess” any sentients they come into contact with.  This causes the victim to go insane and bring out incredible psionic abilities for a short time, until the host dies from the physical and mental strain.

Combine Remnants of War & Ancient Air

Part of the planet engineering project are mobile underground units (like the “swords” in Screamers).  They could be used as resurfacing the planet or extermination of a vermin on planet, but evolved to self awareness either on their own or from coming into contact with an alien artifact.

Flash Drive


Zeenarchs find alien ruins indicating that that the species had a new FTL drive similar to Q-drive.  Desperate to find a new means of travel, a corporation sendsa the PCS down to investigate, warning them that other competitive interests may be doing the same.  Zeenarchs are unable to find a lab, space port or anything that might have further proof they had the drive system.

As the players arrive, the Zeenarchs claim they have found a “lab.”


In truth, the species never found FTL flight and the evidence that was found is actually related to a entertainment production (equivalent of a TV show) similar to “Flash Gordon” or “Buck Rogers.”

Further evidence leads the players to the inspiration of the show – a “Roswell” like conspiracy that swept the planet.  There is evidence that the government powers of the world scrambled to hide the evidence of the “Roswell” like incident.  In fact, the incident did happen and the evidence is hidden in a secret base.  Once the PCs find the base, they will discover that the UFO was actually an old Earth probe that was apparently pulled through a wormhole.

Evidence  might also show that a disease or virus slowly wiped out the species and it apparently originated from the Earth probe.