Adventure: Vault

Adventure: Vault

Some basic notes on an adventure idea I wrote.  Another unfinished idea.


The PCs are agents of Tower sent to a remote Reich world called Vault.  The Reich has established a mining facility there and two colony towns for workers/slaves.  A medium sized security force defends the towns against the local alien population.  It is one of many locations the Reich likes to send its undesirables.

The security force is a group of second rate Reich soldiers who have been relatively forgotten because of the lack of action on Vault.  Because of this, Tower sees an opportunity to create an uprising and perhaps establish an interstellar stronghold on Vault.

The local aliens are semi-intelligent creatures that look a cross between an insect and a swamp lizard.  They have basic tool making skills and attack with bows and arrows, if annoyed.  They primarily leave their towns alone after the security force showed its talents in wiping out several villages.  The Vaultians are perfectly adapted to their planets environment.

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