01.13 Alien Abilities

01.13 Alien Abilities

Alien Abilities

Special Ability Savage Conversions
AmbidextrousEdge: Ambidextrous
Animal ControlSuper Power: Animal Control
Animal FriendshipEdge: Animal Bond
Armor-Defeating AttackSuper Power: Attack (Melee or Ranged) Armor Piercing
Attack Form Resistance (Environmental)Environmental Resistance
Attack Form Resistance (Interaction)Various Edges
Attack Form Resistance (Specific Weapon)Super Power: Resistance or Super Power: Toughness
BlurSuper Power: Invisibility
Drug ToleranceImmune to Poison/Disease
ElasticitySuper Power: Altered Form
Fast ReactionsSuper Power: Uncanny Replexes
FearSuper Power: Fear
Gas ToleranceEnvironmental Tolerance
Gills Aquatic
Hardiness Hardy, Super Power: Resistance
HypnotismSuper Power: Mind Control or Psionic Power: Confusion
ImmortalitySuper Power: Ageless
Life DrainSuper Power: Decay
Limited RegenerationRegeneration
Long Life Span Ageless
Natural Resistance Super Power: Resistance or Enviromental Resistance
Omnivorousness New Ability: Omnivorous
Paralyzing TouchPoisoning Touch
Quick Draw ?
Sense of Direction Skill or Skill Bonus
Silence Skill or Skill Bonus
Speed Pace
Stamina Attribute Increase
Uncanny AptitudeSkill or Skill Bonus
Ventriloquism ?
Youthful Appearance Edge: Attractive

Negative Alien Abilities

SZ Xeno-FlawSavage Worlds Negative Alien Abilities
Allergy Environmental Weakness
Alien Outlook Hindrance: Outsider
Atmospheric Incompatibility Environmental Weakness
Alien Understanding Hindrance: Outsider
Code of Honor Hindrance: Code of Honor
Cultural AllergyHindrance: Outsider
Illiterate Hindrance: Illiterate
Kamikaze Code Death Wish
Metabolic Difference Dependency
Nutritional Requirements Dependency
Sense of Duty Hindrance: Code of Honor
Stigma Hindrance: Code of Honor
Symbiosis Dependency
Vulnerability Environmental Weakness

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