Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

This looks like they put in a modern setting again, which is still somewhat contrary to Alien mythos, but it still looks good. Quite gory, as a matter of fact. It does not look like they held anything back. Wow! Of course, I will see it.

I just wish these directors would just swallow their pride, show some balls and take Cameron’s vision of that era – the Colonial Marines era – and make a AvP movie like the comics and the computer games.

Idea: A few months after the destruction of LV426. Show a little more of earth and its decline. Make the main character a relative of Hudson or Hicks or even Ramirez. A person who lost someone in Aliens who is also a Colonial Marine. The destuction of the colony and a queen draws the attention of a Predator scout who goes to a neighboring colony. The relative has a grudge against Weyland-Yutani but is hired by them to investigate another colony…. or soemthing like that. Despite the fact that it rehashes a lot of the format of Aliens, it would be a huge hit.

It’s a shame they won`t do it.

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